I came to know something. Vande Mataram fame Bharat Bala is directing his next film. Hmm. :/ Marc, a Belgian Cinematographer is involved. Okay :O Dhanush, who is flying HIGH in Kollywood after movies like ‘Mayakkam Enna’  and  ‘3’, ‘ is the lead. Huh?! :O It doesn’t end there;  A.R.Rahman will be scoring the music. Wth! :O :O  Sounds BIG, right? No wonder it is. 😉


Today is the movie release, all over India and many screens Worldwide too. I went along with my friend to watch the movie very excitedly at the Escape Cinemas, EA, Chennai.

The movie started with a too-sweet romantic conversation, that makes you blush ( 😉 ) between Mariyaan (Dhanush) and Panimalar (Parvathy) who are apart for 2 years, as Dhanush works at Sudan in Africa and Pani lives in a fishing village in Tamil Nadu. When there is only one week left to complete the contact, Mariyaan is all happy and excited to reunite with his love, and the Ocean that has been everything to him, all his life. Then, when we were least expecting it,  (actually we were, we know the movie’s abut Dhanush’s struggle in Africa! 😉 Still..) Dhanush and two of his workmates are held at gunpoint by African terrorists who demand money from the company that handles them.  From then on, the story becomes intense. What are the cruelties and tortures that Mariyaan faces? Whom he looses in the process? How he manages to survive it ? And will his love act as a catalyst to make him take that extra mile and reach his Panimalar, is the rest of the story.

In short, it was one heck of a movie.!! 🙂 😉  The scenes when Dhanush and Jagan “imagine” enjoying a sea-food meal , the Kadal Rasa song with so much of pain and tragic in his face, when he successfully fooled the Africans and made that one call to Panimalar… It was all breath-takingly beautiful.  We all could experience Mariyaan’s pain and his struggle to reach his love. Kudos to Dhanush.

Bharat Bala. The man behind it all. In a sea of films with sad endings and pathetic story with ill-fitting logic, Mariyaan stands tall and washes away everything in a clean sweep!

Marc, spectacular cinematography. In the first half , you could easily feel the seashore with his crystal clear shots of the ocean, the lush greenery, and the sparkle in Parvathy’s eyes.:) 😉  The second half , dry and deserted, you could feel the frustration and heat  too. Stunning work,Marc.

I don’t even want to comment on the music. 😉 A.R.R does what he knows. He does it BEST!  Brilliant BGM and Songs.!!

Just keep in mind, Mariyaan is not a movie to watch. . Its a life-story. Feel it. Relish it.

Definitely, a Do not miss !

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