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Masss is one of the most anticipated movies of 2015. Well you know that already duh. But when it is a VP film, you tune your mind to expect fun and Galatta throughout. He made even Ajith loosen up from his usual roles. So VP-Suriya combo should’ve been a sure shot. Except, it wasn’t. 

The hero is an orphan who grows up to be a handsome rogue. Pickpockets and petty thefts type. But he’ll meet with a serious accident that alters his life. 

This super-power version of our hero does more high-level thefts with help from a remarkable bunch of people 😀 (nice move, VP ! 😛 ) He never signed up for murders though. But he ends up murdering people he doesn’t even know, when he doesn’t even want to. Why? *insert age-old repeatedly seen Tamil cinema flashback that doesn’t even make you feel bad for whatever happens on screen with gory stunt sequences – I mean, inserting a pipe into the mouth? Ugh. *  With the new knowledge acquired and all, hero sets off to save the day. Did he? 

That I wouldn’t say. But VP dint save the show. I mean, he is the guy who boldly introduced Gay concepts and made the hero as the villain etc. This is such a boring typical story.

The concept of first half is nice. The after-death sequences were real fun to watch. But the story is truly duh. And in no way mass. 

Suriya was handsome and spoke wonderful Srilankan Tamil. But that is nothing to be awed at, coming from an actor with such caliber. He didn’t have much scope than running around I’d say.

 Premji was not in his usual “let me talk talk talk” phase – this is a welcoming change. 

Nayanthara.. Oh yeah! Her salwars were nice 🙂 next.

Parthipen was one of the most refreshing aspects of the film. Wish we saw more of him. 

Music by Yuvan. I’d say not even pulsating enough BGMs like Vai Raja Vai. I don’t know why.

The song with Nayanthara is deleted. That was mean.


All in all, MASSS is sadly a MASS ILLA MANI. :/ [3/5] 

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