The Atlee-Vijay combo is back at it again, this time bigger and better than before. After a movie like Raja Rani, Theri from Atlee was a surprise. And here he is, slinging shots at us again with Mersal.

The story revolves around three characters – a doctor, a magician and a village front-man. It’s upto you to figure out, if the characters are all the same person or three different individuals in the movie 😉 It’s the story we’ve heard, seen and experienced a million times – right from Ramana – how private hospitals loot exorbitant amounts of money from the people. Just because we believe in them. Just because they have the equipment and resources for the treatment. Just because they can. Just because we have nowhere else to go. But there is no use pointing out the flaw in every movie, is there? That’s the part I loved about Mersal. The guts and the diligent style of coming up with the solution.

If our government facilities were of such standard, and if the talented and educated doctors of our own land, work for the people rather than Deans – how much things would change. Yes, there is corruption in every field. But Medicine deals with life. And making a business out of it is so blatantly shamed in the movie and I honestly applaud Atlee and Vijay for doing this.

This brings about humiliation to politicians – for the poor services regardless of the skyrocketting GST, to the private hospitals and their doctors. Honestly, how many times have you visited a private hospital, where they do unnecessary tests and examinations just to bill you more.  More fee, more lab charges, more room charges. And we go back home thinking we are unfit.  The movie brings spotlight to every concern and issue in the Medical Busine- I mean….field. Yeah, that’s the word.

We know all this already, don’t we? Atlee or Vijay didn’t have to teach us this. But why do we still go to private hospitals? How many of you have visited a Government hospital ? Well, that’s explained in the movie and a lot more, and it was an absolute punch to the gut. To see the sorry state of our nation. I’ve rambled on enough, because this issue is something that irks me so much as I’ve seen it from very close quarters.  How these three characters come together to tackle this – are they involved in this or are they victimized by this – is the rest of the story.  OK, now to the performances and technicalities of the movie.

Music by A.R.Rahman gives enough strength to the background score. But none of the songs stand out to me, except Aala Poraan Thamizhan. #goosebumps

Vijay’s screen presence is massive and is the backbone of this story. The differences he adapts in this characterizations without much of a physical makeover is immaculate!!  I loved SJ Surya’s performance in the movie. His characterization is so suave and you get SO annoyed Good. Sathyaraj, Sathyan, Samantha, Kajal were all really not adding much to the story, but just improvises the star-cast list.  Was good to see Vijay work a combination with Vadivelu again, although there isn’t scope for much comedy in the movie.

Overall, it’s a very serious film, with a very serious message. Something you’d absorb and ponder over. Something that sparks conversation with your friends and their experiences, long after you are out of the theater whilst having a coffee.

The GST punch was legit Atlee asking for controversies, but I’m not blaming him. Someone has to talk !! This movie should not be facing this much trouble. People need to see this. Please do watch.

– Sharu

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