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We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description

Where would I be right now, if I could be anywhere. I’d probably faint and be at the hospital if I’m granted something like that. But seriously, many places. I wanna visit the States, the richness of Dubai, the beauty of Venice and the drench myself in the love of Paris. Fantasies, I tell you. But they are merely by bucket-list, not somewhere I would feel nice and cozy. Not somewhere, where I could unwind. Shockingly though, it would be my School Library.

Now don’t give me that face. I have completed school and finished my Engineering Grad and currently working.I don’t even know why that place struck my mind right now. But it did, and it’s only fair I accept and acknowledge it.

I did my schooling at C.S.I Ewart Matric. A Christian School, so we are used to morning assemblies, chorus, choirs, a few hymns and returning to class. And then, we cross the Old Block to go to our respective classes. It was called so because, the school wantedly ignored renovating that block. The Auditorium was one of the biggest, any schools in Chennai had. And the classes were furnished with new set of furniture and all that. But that block had a charm to it. It was maintained just the way it was initially built, and I loved  it !

The entrance of the building had a hugeeeee fish tank with two ridiculously large and long fishes. Trust me when I see it’s a huge tank, and the two fishes were barely comfortable in there. They were that huge ! :O  Then there were tiny golden ones too, which I keep curiously watching, without realizing the fleeting time in the gap between last class – and school bus departure 🙂

And opposite to the Old Hall was a Garden style arrangement with an artificial pond and few turkeys and couple of white ducks. I remember throwing small stones at them and running to my bus when the ducks get furious and starts to chase me 😀 😀

So, once entered you have that majestic hall, with stone flooring and carpets all over. It was a mini palace I would say – if you don’t mind my exaggerations! The dome ceiling, stone flooring, pictures of all the past Principals hanging on the walls, staring at us intently…Man! I miss the Old Hall <3

There is the principal’s room on the left and opposite to it, would be the Library. The place where I actually started reading. Where I discovered I actually loved this. That I can do this. Having the Library card at the back of my Hymn book, going straight to the library after assembly, pulling too many runners aimlessly and flipping cards where Librarian Mrs.Pearl had written the name and author of all the books the library ever had :O Whoa. I flip through some 20 cards just for the fun of it and select either The Famous Five/Nancy Drew/Glitter Girls or some Enid Blyton book 😀 And tell her the book code 😀 She finds and keeps it ready in the afternoon 😀 Damn, what fun ! Scrolling through categories and reading user-reviews and shopping for books online  is nothing compared to those days I bet !

So yeah, that Old Hall, the Library which even smells of a million books waiting to be read, the fishes and the photos on the wall – that place. Hoping to go there one day. Soon.


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  1. Good read! Apparently, “Google Now” now knows somehow (Damn. Google tracks me so much 😉 ) that, I do follow your blog and I get notified automatically 😀 (Thats how I saw this post!) Keep writing!!!

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