At the beginning of this month, I went on a quick trip with cousins and family to Yelagiri. We wanted to go someplace cool and this had the shortest climb up the hill. Grandparents were coming along and we didn’t wanna put them under a long hill travel.


We left around 10AM from Chennai and reached a little after 1PM. Our place of stay was Sterling Resorts and my roomie was my cousin! We got the only room with the view and had so much fun with boombox, so many mugs of hot-chocolates and watching late night final destination! (this movie never fails to feed my paranoia!) We visited this lake there, went boating and came across this adventure sports arena right next to the lake. There are three such places in Yelagiri and this one was super fun, that much I’m sure. I thought I’d never do this, but when the tiny tots were signing-up (with the trainer supervision ofcourse) I jus had to go! It was so much fun. I also decided ATV is just not for me. I’m power-steering kinda gal apparently :/  But looooved zip-lining!

We hit the pool that evening although it was freeeeeezing (19-ish degrees) and we were a crazy enough bunch to dive right in. Then after a bit of chess, monopoly-war, absolute nonsense karoke with the kids..we were off. It was a fairly short vacay, but much needed break! 🙂 <3

Tip: Take more pictures of the place!
I just realized while scrounging for pictures to upload that 96% of pictures taken during the trip are selfies (either solo or with the cuz). So I’m left with very few shots of Yelagiri here. :/


yelagiri sterling



yelagiri sterling



FullSizeRender_4yelagiri sterling


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