Well .. Technically, its been ages since I blogged. I do this all the time – abandoning blogs. So its a no-big-deal. But a LOT has happened between this post and this. I myself cant believe that I was lethargic enough to swallow a full semester between two blog posts! Or maybe I was too much involved in my own miseries such as  Placements, Projects and Documentation.

So this whole semester dint go by the blink of an eye at all . It was such a struggle. In the end of my 7th sem.. we had the Placements coming. So it was too hectic. Everyone wanted to get placed in a good core company that are in the top-order. And I was no exception. After my horrid twelfth grade performance, I was a huge let-down. My parents expected too much out of me due to the shining grade 10 score! So I had it in me to perform exceptionally well in Engeering. But I dint work hard enough for my CATs. Not hard-enough in the sense, I wanted to be one of the toppers. But I lost interest although I knew I had it me to perform better. Duh, happens you know? Shitty people around , and stuff. -_-  So coming back to placements..it meant more to me. I HAD to get placed in a star company, I thought.

I dint prepare apps as much as others did. I was just okay. But whatever the little I knew , I knew it damn well. I never did the company’s APPS ROUND by inky-pinky-ponky methods. I worked out. I cleared the APPS of iNautix, CTS, Wipro. iNautix G.D was fun! 🙂 But, the HR round was a bummer. 🙁 I told the HR that I don’t like programming *facepalm* -_- 😛 So I gave Wipro and CTS my all. Wipro came next. The Technical HR was sweet (pun intended ). I remember still , I was waiting for nearly 15mins in front of the HR’s cabin. My name wasnt called yet. The timing worked perfectly as I plopped an Eclair into mouth :O 😛 I attended and answered the entire session with the Eclairs melting in my cheeks 😀  *Sweet moments* 😛 Then I was called to the main HR around. Only very were called. It was a confirmation on the spot if you’re called there. It was a general chit-chat, and I came out with a great confident boost when the HR said , “See you next year at Wipro campus 😉 ” ..Shubh Aarambh. 🙂

And then it was CTS after a couple of days. I went on with a positive spirit and did well. My session lasted 55mins, where others had for approx 15 !! It was Fun, though. I was the one of fortunate/unfortunate ones who were called in for the double-HR-table. They were very sweet, appreciated my grammar, offered me coffee 😛 (ofcourse I refused 😛 , they’re THE HRs :O ) , even gave me a 5 min break as i was stammering with  all  right answers! :O 😛 And finally, I aced CTS.  I even got dual-placed in Wipro and CTS. But I ended up with Cognizant. My dream company 🙂  Now am a Happy person altogether ! *touchwood*

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