I’m very happy now and I don’t really feel like dissecting and performing a post-mortem on a movie which is so full of LIFE! <3

So please go watch this movie ASAP!

naanum rowdy dhan review

This movie is about a girl who cant hear trying to avenge the death of her parents. A wannabe-rowdy who has just given his exam to be a cop enters her life and falls head over heels in love with her. The cost he has to pay to get her heart would be just satisfying her one wish. Murder.

Sounds like an intense script la ? Chancey illa ! 😀

Nayan just ruled. No matter how much chick and casual she looks (she was LOVELY through out the film, she has a very intense character and a realistic non-masala backstory that makes us empathize with her!

*and yes, I mentioned the heroine FIRST. Cause she bloody deserved it.! Friggin good acting*

Vijay Sethupathi is his usual spontaneous stammering cute self. Such a pleasure to watch ! 😀

Parthiban is such a cool Villain and you gotta give it to him! Too much sass. No one could have been terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

RJ Balaji, as usual awesome. Bloody good counters and timings as usual ! 😀

The film mainly revolves around these four characters with supporting character that does justice and has some real contribution to the screenplay.

Anirudh’s songs were already a phenomenal hit and the background score was scintillating and equally stunning.

Add that with such a breezy cinematography one second and so much of indoor shots the next minute – George, take a bow!

A mandatory mention to Sreekar for the ultimate editing that gave the screenplay a major boost and kept the audience on loop throughout. I specially loved how the moments before Nayan’s intro is compiled and conveyed till the present moment.

The film is a complete package. Makes you laugh hard, cry harder, sympathize and just go out with a smile on your face! Great job Vignesh Shivan _/\_

Super ji! Super ji!!

Most of the dialogues are gonna spread like wild fire 😀

Kadhu ma.. you okay baby? 

Enna oru rowdy kitta kootitu po mudiyuma? 

Solluna na enna pannanum?

Adhan sonneney, rowdy kita kootitu ponga. 

Kaadhu kekaadha? Are you blind ? 

Kaadhu kekaadhavanuku headsetu, Poison kudika yen da pal settu? (Balaji :P)

and many many more 😀

And I just had to watch the episode that triggered and set this entire movie in motion ! Somewhere, this moment, Dhanush was probably watching Vijay Awards on TV and decided , “I’ll make your dream come true Vijay Sethupathi ! 😀 ” And oh yes, he did. _/\_

0 thoughts on “Naanum Rowdy Dhan | Super ji !

  1. Good review (as usual 😉 ) !
    And you are damn right .. The dialogues are gonna become super popular …
    From ‘Roja, Poomala’ to ‘Ey red tshirt! ‘ … Vignesh made a huge impact ! Such a play with words 🙂
    I cracked up like a mad woman during RJ Balaji’s parts.. The head set dialogue and even the in start where he does his cross talk and goes ‘Eh .. Nee dhaan vennum Kattikuriya… Agayam thee puducha..’ … I was almost gonna die out of laughter !

    Rahul was my favourite XD

    1. AHAHHAA! Yes, Roja Poomala… Red T-Shirt , un moonja paathuten daaa! , 30 varusha moochu , Oreydiya podhu la ? 😀 😀 😀 I was laughing like a mad woman too! 😛 Such a genuine laugh riot that doesnt make us cringe or have mokka comedys 🙂 after a long time !

      1. Very true ! I remember seeing VSOP with so much agony.. Such a pain …. :/

        NRD on the other hand is beautifully crafted! In fact I want to watch it again, just to give my bones the tickle they need !

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