2016 has started with a bang alright! First things first, hope you are all having a wonderful start to the brand New Year and making the best out of the possibilities 🙂 

And this is the first time I’m trying out this WP editor I can type in colors and Im so frigging happy <3 


Okay. So the big news floating around – Netflix is here. Finally! I binge watch so many American TV shows every single day. And downloading them on torrent and watching it on watchseries was alright for me. The only downside, speed! The maximum internet speed they *cough Airtel cough* can provide at my flat is 2 MBPS, can you IMAGINE!? But it still works for me cause i can stream series online without buffering. Most of the time. *touchwood* So what is really my problem? Nothing.

But then, Netflix has arrived. I’m really thrilled to see what is this all about. The rates are actually just as much as they cost in the States and that was a pleasant surprise!

How to Netflix : 

  1. pick a plan (500/650/800)
  2. use the Netflix app
  3. pick what you wanna watch and well, watch.

No need to hunt for torrrents and seed them, no need to worry abou the quality and no need to worry about buffering (your ISP speed has to be decent though), and original HD contents. *dreamy sigh*

Netflix Price In India

How to get it : 

  1. Go to https://www.netflix.com/in/ and sign up.
  2. Give your card details and finish sign up. 
  3. You will be charged INR 70 first. But that is just to verify the card details. You wont actually be be charged. (Will do this step and verify tonight)
  4. And done.

First month is free trial. So ENJOY ! You can cancel anytime. No commitments. But it will be auto-debited every month going forward, till you cancel the subscription!

Netflix is here to stay people. *heart eyed emoji*

0 thoughts on “Netflix India : How to ACTUALLY Netflix and chill

  1. Its good that Netflix is released in India. Here’s my take:

    – You finally get Netflix in India 😛
    – Will create healthy competition for local cable providers and bring down prices.

    – Overpriced.
    – Not even half the video streams that are available in the US are available in India for the price.
    – Slow Internet Connections in India which means you will need to wait longer time to start streaming Netflix.
    – Netflix is a company that has a history trying to break the basic principles of the Internet i.e. net neutrality.


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