It’s 30minues past 9 in the evening already and I’m this close to skipping my day 1 of the challenge. Great going Sharu! Lol. Let’s just wing it, shall we ?

These days, kids learn phonetic alphabets at school but in a kid of the ABC age. I didn’t go to preschool or anything. Straight up joined in Kindergarten. My parents are both very choosy when it comes to my life choices. They listed all the schools they want me to go to and shortlisted on 3.

We have to attend an interview that’s both of the kid as well as the parents ofcourse.  First interview was scheduled at Bains School. I was a smart kid, no joke. Back then atleast! ? I cleared it and both mom and dad were so happy! But it was their second prio because that school didn’t have school bus facility back then and it’s gonna be a nightmare for my dad to take a break everyday from office to come pick me, and then go back to office again after dropping me home.

So then came the second interview, CSI Ewart High. Apparently I was not a naughty kid, said rhymes and poems when asked. Didn’t fuss or cry. All the other kids were bawling their eyes out and my Pricipal Mrs.Williams was having a tough day ? After I answered all my questions, she gave a candy (she probably gave it every kid). I looked at my mom for approval. ? and Mrs.William was impressed! No candy from strangers ? and mini-me gave the wrapper to mum as I didn’t know where to throw it. I didn’t litter the floor like the other kids. I shouldn’t be taking credits for this one, my mom taught me all that. But I did it!

Ofcourse I got the seat. 🙂 And this was our prio one. Such good memories!

Tell me about your school first day / interview if you remember or if your mom has told you. I’d love to know! ♥️

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