2016 arrived in style alright and is already one down. How many of you have you stuck to your 2016 goals so far? If you’ve perfected the art of goal-keeping, sincere congratulations. If not, join da club!

We all have goals and resolutions. We might not use the term and give it a name out of sheer panic as it will hold us accountable for something. We think failure doesn’t come as long as we do not put ourselves out there and make a statement. Nope. It’s an arrogant ass and comes either way. But that is the point isn’t it? To live and to learn.

Everything we do requires a certain amount of passion and resolve. And for us to invest time and ourselves wholly into something or someone, we need to keep our heads clear. Which is quite an ordeal these days. We have too many tabs, too many plans and just too much going on, that we forget to stop and look around. Drink it all up and stay alive, not just online. 

Positivity is the key. To which lock, I still haven’t completely figured.  Try to look for little things within the big ones. Find stuff to be happy about. Let the big dark gloomy cloud within you dissipate. It’s not always easy, but it’s possible. Life is never easy for anyone. Events are staged and people are fake. But you are the only shot you’ve got at staying happy and feeling complete. Don’t let it slip.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Everyone has another mask that you’ve yet to see. But believe. People change for good. Things get better. The image with the harsh edges that is oh-so vivid in your mind, might blur around the edges. To nurture the happiness within you, radiate the warmth and make people feel okay. Life is too short to dwell on the past and culture hate. Move on. Travel. Explore. Have fun. Breathe. Make memories. Laugh. Forgive.

Most important of all, give yourself a chance. You deserve it.




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    1. Hi Saavio ! Yes, I’m alright 🙂 I wasn’t feeling very inspired to right in the last two weeks …. so I didnt wanna push myself. Hopefully I’m out of the rut ! Youve written a lot I see 🙂 Will read on 🙂

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