I wake up to the sound of buzzing in my ears. Not the concrete jungle’s construction noises that I’m used to, but a warm buzzing which is vaguely soothing to the soul. 

I crack open my eyelids and search for the source and spot it behind the curtain of my bedside window. A bee. A big cute stupid bee that is frantically buzzing aloud and banging itself face first into the glass panel of my window. Banging it’s little head so hard, to  reach out to the freedom of free air and limitless space. 

I sighed and got out of bed to slide open the window right above and directed it outside. 

Shouldn’t we all live little more  like the bee? We have endless opportunities and limitless choices. But we choose to live in ignorance of it all.  It’s a wise little bee indeed. 🙂


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    1. I’m doing good girl ☺️ I’ve been off the blogosphere quiet some time just making guest appearances cuz of a really rough phase at work! :/ Will be back soon:) How about you? (And glad I could help x)

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