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I did my schooling in CSI Ewart High after the cutesy admission procedure that I just talked about here! And I’m so glad I didn’t have to move cities or switch schools till I passed out. It would have been nerve-racking! I took the school-bus till ninth grade and later we moved very close to the school campus and I decided to cycle. Cycling ? – aaah. Those were the days ! (Also when I got my first fracture ?) 

Although my school offered so many options from swimming, gym, outdoor sports and indoor activities… I was not really into anything aggressively and I regret it so much now. We even had a rock-band for goodness’ sake ! But yeah, I did more of stuff that’s actually ”me’.. like art class and glass painting classes after school hours. Loved it! Also into a bit of ball badminton ♥️ ! Scribbling on the wooden tables, chatting on the auditorium stairs, venturing a mere 10-foot outside the school gate after 3PM to buy stickers and mangoes and feeling so darn adventurous, the march-past practices and mass drill excuses.. damn. 

Just take me back. *feeling all Ed Sheeran-ish today*

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