1. Do you feel everything. A bit too much?
  2. You observe everything. I repeat, everything.
  3. Your degree of reaction to a matter is more than others.
  4. You just cant not control tears. Ugh.
  5. You overthink, if you’re overthinking too much. You get the point.

Welcome to Fight Club.

I mean yeah, there have been terms like over-sensitive, short-tempered and introvert thrown around a lot. While I happily accept that I’m introverted, the first two terms battle for dominance all the time. When you are a little more sensitive to people and situations, you should know how to cope. Trust me, I suck at this. That’s why I know what not to do.

sensitive people


When something bothers you, talk it out. Communicate. It might just be something normal to others and give an impression like you’re over-reacting to a situation. But keep in mind, not everyone feels about it as deeply as you do. No one is wrong here. Stop beating yourself up that they don’t give the same attention to it as you do. Everyone is different. Acceptance is key. You are over-sensitive and that is okay. But just learn to handle it correctly. Sometimes we tend to lash out all the pent-up emotions that are brimming up to the surface and face such hard remorse that will swallow us whole.

The one worst thing for Highly Sensitive Personality is, everything is HUGE. You’re very angry, very sad or feel extremely sorry. Nothing is mediocre. You invest hundred percent of your emotions into one feeling alone and it will knock you out. Just try to balance out your emotions. Accept that you are going to feel it all in a totally different dynamics than some people and handle the situations more appropriately.

Keep one thing in mind, you are not different and don’t expect special care from people. You’re not a beautiful or unique snowflake (who got the reference)!  Everyone has their own battles. Overthinking makes you over-analyze and takes the fun out of everything. Use this sensitive-trait to your advantage and do everything with passion and treat everyone with love. Take risks, feel deeply, love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably and live freely. You’ll be fab 😉 !

Side Note: I just realized that almost every article I could find on this topic in the interweb has a picture of a girl looking very sad and melancholic in a field or wrapped up in comfy blankets. Duh. Since when did having emotions become gender-specific? We have a long way to go apparently.

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  1. So me! I swear! I get easily overwhemled. Be it watching a happy movie or a sad one, I cry. I have tears when I hear someone is upset. I feel things a bit too much that it alarms my husband 😛 Great piece to dwell on.

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