Heylo guys! Onam is around the corner and I was so badly craving some classic Kerala meal 😇 So after some heavy recommendations, I visited Crimson Chakra this week with a bunch of super foodies to try out the special Onam Sadhya ! 😇 This special offer is ON Only till September 5!

Welcome drink was Nannari Sharbat which was delightful! A refreshing change from the usual mojitos I’d order with my meal.

I went for the Non-Veg thali. And we also kicked it off with an array of starters ordered ala carte! 😉 #SuperFoodies 🤓 We ordered Thiruvangur Kozhi Porichathu, Kerala chicken roast, Tawa coconut fish , Meen Pozhichadhu, Nethili Fry, prawn roast, mutton roast and beef cutlet! I know y’all are already drooling – yes it was like THAT! ❤️ all the starters were sooo yum with that strong mallu essence of coconut oil and coconut milk hiding here and there! The trademark Meen Pozhichadhu was so soft and well cooked, and whattey brilliant taste !🤤🤤

And then our thali arrived ! The welcome drink was part of the thali and we dived straight into main course. Puttu, Paratha and Aapaam pretty much filled me up after all those starters. The aapam was sooo fluffy and thick and I had it with my favourite combo of aapam+coconut milk+sugar = bliss!

Side dishes included Meen curry, chicken stew, kadalai curry, pepper rasam etc and to further explore, try out the ghee rice which everyone was raving about! I sadly didn’t have an iota of space to dive in ! 😯😴

After that, dessert was coconut mousse with ice cream. That was precisely heaven in a cup. Ive never had a better coconut flavoured dessert !!

Priced at 299 for veg thali and 499 for non veg, it’s a sumptuous meal, value for money! ✌🏼

Onam sadhya at Crimson Chakra chennai by vintagemadras

Onam sadhya at Crimson Chakra chennai by vintagemadras

Onam sadhya at Crimson Chakra chennai by vintagemadras


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