Queen of Hearts | Oviya : Bigg Boss Atrocities

Yes, I just did it. I published a post on my blog about a reality show, trying to show my love and support

Dialogue in the Dark Review and Experience

Dialogue in the Dark is one of Chennai’s Theme Restaurant with a twist and is sure to surprise everyone by alluring them in

Coffee with Sharu / VOL 2

Alas, we meet again for coffee! It’s been quite some time since our last coffee session. How have you been? Let’s start off

Indian Summer Essentials

Summer is not a season to look forward to, if you live in my part of the world. We have a hot tropical

Tata Hexa Test Drive / A Recap

I came across this wonderful ad by Tata on it’s superstar SUV, the bold and the powerful – HEXA. And that brought back

Maamu Cafe Review

A very quick review on Maamu Cafe Navallur, OMR. OK, I was home alone and starving. As my culinary skills are not so