Tata Hexa Test Drive / A Recap

I came across this wonderful ad by Tata on it’s superstar SUV, the bold and the powerful – HEXA. And that brought back

Maamu Cafe Review

A very quick review on Maamu Cafe Navallur, OMR. OK, I was home alone and starving. As my culinary skills are not so


I’m not reviewing Baahubali – The Conclusion. Anyone who does that is committing a grave sin. If you post spoilers on your social

What’s the most Indian thing you’ve done? | #MoreIndianThanYouThink

The Lufthansa commercial with the theme #MoreIndianThanYou think has won the Internet!

So that got me thinking to, how Indian am I? We live

Of nostalgia

There are certain things that immediately brings back a rush of childhood memories. A smell, taste or a song – that kind of

Of Ewart High | #AtoZchallenge

This post is part of the April #AtoZchallenge where we write through-out the month of April, one post per day from A through Z. Read