Let me tell you people. Blogging slump is real and it is not a pretty feeling at all. There are three kinds of

Of Barbies and Doctor Aunties | #AtoZchallenge

Barbies. It makes me sad that the era of teddy-bears and cooking utensils were replaced by Hot-wheels, Transformers and Barbies. Now even they

Of ABCs and candy wrappers | AtoZchallenge

It’s 30minues past 9 in the evening already and I’m this close to skipping my day 1 of the challenge. Great going Sharu!

AtoZchallenge Theme Reveal 2017 | Vintage Madras

It is happening !! I was a survivor one year, bombed the last one (although I loved my attempts at flash-fiction like this

Why you should watch Split ! | Spoiler free quick review

I’ve decided to do a spoiler-free quick update of my Split movie experience. So here goes!

The movie starts off with a man kidnapping

L’amandier Review / European Cafe Brunch at Chennai


So you decide to catch-up with a long-lost bestie for brunch on a lazy Saturday. Or maybe hang-out with friends in the early