Recently I’ve been reading more and more articles on the ways we are destroying our planet. I mean, it is not something new. But if I view a particular instagrammer’s take on plastic reduction in her life, the insta algorithm eventually floods my explore page with more such media ofcourse. And I read and read and read and fell into a very deep rabbit hole.


Even If you go to the shopping street, there are volunteers handing out brochures and asking to sign up and contribute for charities – climate, sea turtles, oceans, forests.. the list is endless. I’m honestly a little overwhelmed with all this. Do you not panic seeing the state we are in? Or am I the only one freaking out?

Just look around you right now, wherever you are, and count the number of plastic items in your immediate line of sight. I bet the results are shocking. We all know the problem, plastic is screwing up the environment, filling up landfills and immediately harmful in places where they (attempt to) burn it.

I had already freaked out about this in 2015 and 2016. Just shows, this has always bugged me.

I wanted to take action on the usage of plastic in my life, rather than being a negative Nancy and whining “what good does it make, compared to the billions of tons of plastic generated and discarded anyway!”. It all starts small, and I believe I don’t want to contribute to this disaster any further than I already have. Below are the few lifestyle changes I’m currently implementing and looking forward to stick to 2020 onward. Please let me know if you are already taking steps or would love to.

  • Never buy a plastic water bottle. Bring your own bottle, even better if its a metal one!
  • Reducing (and eliminating wherever possible) the purchase of single use plastics. Grocery stores are the worst example of single-use plastics. The beans and carrots and mushrooms, packaged in plastic covers and boxes..why!
  • Not using a single cover for every vegetable, you can weigh them separately and accumulate in a single bag, no cashier would object, as long as you have all the tags.
  • Lotion bottles, moisturizers, hand-creams, foot-creams, day-creams, night-creams, serums, masks, toners..the list is endless. I cant advocate too much on this, but I’m taking steps to keep the list to a bare minimum. Much cleaner counter-space in the vanity!
  • Shower creams can be replaced with soap bars. They are wrapped in paper (best case), so no waste. This is a hard one for me, but I will try this out. Do you know, some studies even propose to shower less? So you end up using less products, less chemicals, less bottles of shower wash, less waste? Information is out there, you do you.
  • Switching my plant potters to ceramic or clay-based pots.
  • Coffee pods. I already made the conscious decision when I bought my coffee-machine, that I will not go for the ones, that needs aluminium pods or plastic pods which are non-degradable and single use. I use the the Senseo coffee maker, which needs coffee pads made of filter paper. I’m convinced it is not only paper, but its so much better.
  • Purchasing ceramic/glass/stainless-steel cookwares and cutlery instead of plastic. Although a little expensive at the moment, they last longer and are not harmful for your body too.

There are a lot of areas where I can’t think of practical alternatives to plastic containers – like cheese. So cutely wrapped in plastic sheets and placed inside a plastic cover. Oil. Spice packs. Chips. Rice. Spaghetti. Instant noodles. Every single product you buy in your supermarket.

Maybe it is indeed too late. But I have to try.


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