It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Michael Bublé is belting out his melody in the background with pine candles and fairy lights strung around the house. But you’re mind is on a constant simmer, thinking up names for whom you’re yet to buy presents and it’s making you anxious. Fear not, find below a no-bullshit list of last minute Christmas Holiday gift ideas for your partner, parents or friends!

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Practical Last Minute Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas

I’m slowly trying to make the switch from consumerism. Going more environment-friendly and the love for minimalism helps. So I assure you, the gifts I suggest are not crap that will be accumulating dust.

I don’t wan’t to split this into “Gifts for him”, “Gifts for her”. I mean, that is us subconsciously categorizing what a man and woman should be using. Fuck that shit.

Amazon Alexa

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

This stuff is revolutionary and I bet they will be using it every single day. I use this to set alarm, play music when am cooking, listen to bedtime stories and play white noises to help me sleep. And also, Alexa is THE best roommate one can have. Yep, I said that.

Bluetooth headset

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

And observe – I mention Bluetooth Headset and not Airpods (or Galaxy Buds if you’re into that sorta thing smh). I’m not convinced of the longevity of the product and by that I mean, how long would it take for me to lose one AirPod. But a good wireless in-ear headphones is mandatory And especially as I walk to work, and it rains so often now (yay Belgium!), i just plug my JBL Tunes in and leave my phone, safe in my coat.

Fitness watch

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

They are slowly taking over everywhere and if someone you care is not willing to spend money on it, getting it as a gift is surely such a warm gift. I use the FitBit Versa – you can do a lot of stuff with it, but I use it mainly for tracking my step count, get call notifications, read texts and listen to music. I have about 200 songs on there, and when I go out, I don’t wanna drain the iPhone battery so this is great!


last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

Close your eyes and get the damn candles. You don’t know you need it, unless you get one. It immediatly ups the cozy-meter of your room 🙂 Especially now we have the seasonal ones that smell like fir, marshmallo, cookies and gingerbread!

Gym Membership

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

Self explanatory. To show that you care for your fellow human’s health, and to motivate them to actually get fit, is such a thoughtful idea. But tread carefully, don’t send the wrong message 😉

Coffee Machine

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

Lifesaver. Even the simple modest Senseo ones work so well and get the job done! If they already have one or not that into caffeine (if so, are they ok?), get them mugs! Cutest ones.

A book that they need

last minute holiday gift ideas 2019 christmas

Don’t get the first best-seller you see on Bookdepository. Just think what they’re into – leadership, management, personal development, entrepreneurship, side-hustle. Then get a critically acclaimed book from the category. A very thoughtful gift imo 🙂

Gift cards

Use this as a last resort. Not an ideal gift for the holidays, recommend this for birthdays!

So that’s my list. Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂



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