My beloved Chennai which we playfully tease as the city with diverse climatic conditions of Hot .. Hotter.. Hottest – is in a state of pure terror. 

Rains are not the occasional soul-cleansing stream of water that triggers petrichor anymore. Rains have caused unbelievable havoc in the city. The residents and the Goverment of Tamil Nadu were not at all prepared for this kind of calamity. Rightly so. Who in their right mind could be ready for THIS much of rain. That too in Chennai. 

People that are blaming the government for poor drainage systems and rain water management, I feel you. But no amount of preplanning could have saved us from THIS. 

It blows my mind to think that, there have been times in the recent past where “drought” and “water scarcity” were the only concerns of this sinking city. Look at us now. 

Every goddamn road is flooded and water logged. Some areas like Tambaram and Urapakkam reportedly have water upto 6feet and everyone are staying in the first floor of their homes (if they have one!!). You could save nothing. Furniture, electronics, documents – everything is washed out. And more importantly, the certificates and the degrees ! People have lost that too. 

As if dirty water mixing with the area sewage that ALSO overflowed and entering your house isn’t enough… Snakes and other insects from God knows where come along. !! 
So many people are affected by this, the mosquitoes are breeding, the other insects and dirty water cause too many diseases and it spreads! The worst part, how can they take someone to the hospital!? Even Pregnant ladies are not able to reach hospitals in their labour pain.!!

Chennai is a warm crisp city with the sun shinning down on you with all its might and you never really get a chance to see how bad things can become. Here. It’s all brought to light now! I literally didn’t wanna write all this down for so long because then I’m accepting in my subconscious mind that Chennai wasn’t ready to handle any of this. I couldn’t just face that. But come on, this is a friggin natural disaster and the INDIAN ARMY is deployed for rescue and evacuation since yesterday and the NAVY is on standby. !! This is SERIOUS. 
People are suffering and none of it is covered by the “North Indian Media” !! Yes, that’s how we call it on Twitter these days. Thanks to Actor Siddharth and RJ Balaji for being fearless and spreading out the word. Not even a single coverage on the hell unleashing here in Chennai.
So I thought I’d do my part in letting people know. Help as much as you can. I’m so proud of people who open their homes to accommodate the ones living in flooded areas and some volunteer to distribute food and water. 

Chennaites stand as ONE. We will get through this. We shall overcome. 

Pray for Chennai.   

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    1. Very true, Shanaya. When the flooding in Chennai was not covered on any of the media, I’d almost lost hope – thinking we are never gonna get any relief funds as people don’t even know this is happening here.

      But the youth of Tamil Nadu have really stepped up both on ground work and in Social Media. Feeling so proud even at such a time. 🙂

    1. Thanks for you compassion Stacilys. I really have only this platform to reach more people and hope someone gets to know through my blog and decide to step forward and help.

      Hope we recover soon.

  1. Today I got to know that rain has stopped and big thanks to Hod for giving the reprieve to chennai people. It was altogether a different weather for the administration and it took time to settle down and help the affected areas. Let the marina beach seas the same sun shine and crowd

  2. I came to office because they at least have power and food here. I agree, no amount of precaution would have prepared us for this. Chennai has effectively made me hate water.

          1. Nope. Power cut since yesterday afternoon. 🙁 My PG is only a stone’s throw from office though, so came here. Planning to spend the night here. Thankfully, it doesn’t seemed to have rained much today. Fingers-crossed for things getting better.

          2. I work in Tambaram MEPZ office, the least affected facility I suppose. There was absolutely no water even during the rains and they even had power and internet all along. Now I’m back to my hometown Hyderabad and working from here temporarily 🙂 What about you?

  3. Hi hats off to you for such a wonderful post. When life was lost in France everyone even people went and changed their Fb profile to show support, but I don’t see a single person in FB to change their profile pic in support of chennai. I have used your pray for chennai as my FB profile picture to show my support. Hope you are ok with that.

    1. Hey! It’s not my picture either. Some ppl had this as their Whatsapp DP. I jus used this. Thanks for appreciating this post. It is true that people were sufferening so much and it was almost unnoticed by the world. this was just my part of letting ppl know. I’m so glad so many read this 🙂

  4. Yeah, my thoughts are with Chennai. First thing that comes to my mind when i think about chennai is it’s hotness. Now it seems the cloud burst rains have overrun the hotness of this beautiful city. At this hard and tough times, i’m sure all chennai people will be more united together to face this calamity with great moral strength. My prayers are with you, and i wish you guys will get back to normal sweaty hot life soon and i will drop by to have idly and hot sambar in “namma Saravana Bhavan” someday. #GetNormalChennai

    1. A hot sunny day with steaming hot ghee dosa and sambhar from Saravana Bhavan sounds like HEAVEN!!! Thanks for all the kind words and prayers Pavan. U have no idea how much this means 🙂

  5. Yes, I know Sharu, its been all over the news channels and papers..this is ridiculous!! More of a deluge i’d say. Having rain is one thing..but this amount of rain? No city or state can plan for rainfall like this..

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