Ah, well ! As i expected I almost abandoned my baby blog all these days !! Cant take all the blame this time though. :/ My university sucks my blood out. Yeah, we’re in Final Year now. And ya ya ofcourse, we’re the first batch of the University-version of my college.! With the 


tag. That doesn’t mean they could just squeeze the dear life out of us, is it? 
But yet, cant blame them completely. They need to sustain the name that the Affiliated-version earned them.
With Final year last sem project works already starting in full force  now, and the campus placement training coming up quiet soon, followed by the Big Day – “Placements”.. we are already crushed when a sudden circular appears out of no-where indicating THIS semester first cycle test date intimation !!  W.T.F. 

With all these going around, I could be possibly excused for not being regular on the blogosphere, isnt it? (As if ppl were waiting for my next post anyways!  lol)  But yeah.. I sort of feel relieved out of all the madness out there, right now, when am putting them into words.    

 I will always love this space on the Internet. 🙂 

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