Private India

Authors :  Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson.

Pages : 470

Publication Year : 2014


There is a murder in mumbai. Private India, the Indian branch of the world class Private Investigation Agency under Jack Morgan is roped in to find the cause. The Indian head of PI, Santhosh Wagh soon realizes that the series of killings at different parts of Mumbai are connected and is all done by One Killer. Nisha Gandhe, the attractive ex-cop, Mubeen the full-time medical examiner and Hari the tech-wiz, who can crack any pass-codes and hack any database form Sathosh’s team to crack the case. This racy thriller is an addictive page-turner that takes you along on a ride, as Santhosh tries to find the killer and the motive.

The Good :

The Characters. Each character is portrayed so beautifully and flawlessly. The authors have given the readers a grip, to effortlessly visualize their characters and their characteristics.  The book is a guessing game even as you approach the last few chapters and has no lack of plot-twists and cliffhangers. As I have not read the other book from the Private series, I’m not able to compare the Indian-ized version of the Agency with others. But the flavor of Aamchi Mumbai generously flows through the pages and helps the reader to connect with the book even more.

The Not-So-Good :

If I have to wear my judging glasses and pin-point something, it would be the ..the… logic? I mean, a killer is on a spree in the Terror Capital of India. The Cops and the detectives might not know how the victims are selected, but all the big-shots’ places are so lacking in privacy? It’s like you can walk in anywhere, get done with them and come out. Could have made that a little bit more convincing. But I would be lying If I say, I did not enjoy the book.

Final Verdict :

If you want to indulge yourself in a racy thriller, with your mind yelling at you, “Think ! Connections! There has to be some connection! “  , then this is the book. Ashwin Sanghi has taken great efforts to present to us, the biggest thriller of the year with convincing and intense characters making you read more and more till there is no more! He couldn’t have done any further justice! Just go for it.

Thank you so much Blogadda for giving the chance to read such a kick-ass book! I took 4 days as I had to work till late. Else, it’s a mind-blowing 1-2 day read !! Thank you for the great initiative and sending me a Author-autographed copy!! 🙂 🙂


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My Cuckoo’s been calling me for too long. I just cant bring myself to cross one-third of the book. Although I’m told that, it gets a lot more interesting in the latter half, it takes real effort to read that far. *sigh* That’ll be next!

Did you read Private India or other books from the Private Series? What is your say? Let me know 🙂


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