I really don’t wanna review this movie and spoil it in anyway. It’s an experience ! Not gonna tell anything which you don’t already know from the trailers πŸ™‚ Just a quick update πŸ˜‰ because I haveΒ to!



Sethuraman and Athreya are twin brothers. Sethuraman is a scientist and a genius, whereas Athreya is the evil twin – and ya , both roles are performed by Suriya. Massive massive respect on portraying the character differences so well. The timid and brainiac is so much in contrast with the pure evil. Lovvvvved his attitude as the baddie Athreya! This Athreya role will be one of Suriya’s all time best!

Enter Mani, a watch mechanic. A younger Suriya from a different time. He lives a life which isn’t entirely his own, but destiny brings him closer to his goal.

He finds this watch that has the capacity to time travel. What he does with it, whether he understands the purpose of the watch, the creator and why is this watch so important to a certain someone is the story. Chumma illa, Semma Semma story!

There is a plot twist left right and centre! And none of them will be expected. And this unpredictability is the most loved element of this movie!! Mind blown.

Suriya’s acting is freakishly good. He has done three roles and the variation is striking! He’s got so much of scope to perform and has utilised it well. Love to have him back πŸ™‚

Samantha – skip. Looks prettier, that’s it.

Saranya, Sathyan and others have done a notable role. But Suriya, having three roles, takes up MOST of the screen-space obvio! πŸ˜€

The cinematography by Tirru and visual effects are one of the best you’re likely to see in recent Kollywood. I loved how in Naan Un Azhaginile song, the camera shifts to show how they look from each other’s line of sight. ???

Music by A.R.Rahman complements the film well with foot-tapping Mei Nigara, soulful Naan Un Aruginiley and apt BGMs.

Director Vikram Kumar of Yavarum Nalam fame has proved that script is the king once again!! Whattey movie ya. *goes back to stare and poke at my watch*Β 

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