I still can’t get over the fact that a team of brilliant star studded cast didn’t find this script plain, lacking depth and just hilarious. Chimbudevan has tried his hand at Fantasy genre with a touch of comedy and failed miserably.


This movie begins with a baby floating in the river straight to the Village Leader which he instantly decides to adopt as his son. (Rings a bell?) This baby then grows up and witnesses the tortures and torments the villagers go through, because of a different blooded group of super humans, called Vedhalars. (cough cough)  This baby, which by now you know is Vijay grows up to be a fearless warrior who promises the village people that one day he’ll win back their freedom from the Vedhalars. The Queen of this super-human country is Sridevi as you all already know. Sudeep is the Captain of the Royal Guard – baddie of course!

Meanwhile Vjay’s childhood crush goes away to another country to pursue her education ( ROFL moment) and comes back as the glamorous Shruti Hassan. When she is captured by the Vedhalars , Vijay decides it’s time to go to war. But ofcourse he is a normal human being and doesn’t have those inhuman powers and the means to enter the Vedhalar Castle. He gets a magic potion which gives him super human strength to fight them. But the catch? It lasts only for 8 minutes. So he has to defeat them – not with strength, but with stealth.

So how Vijay goes over to Vedhalar Castle, who’s help he had to sought, did he save his love and win back the freedom of his people is the story.

Vijay was in a winning streak already with content rich movies back to back like Kaththi and Thuppakki. There was no need for him to risk a totally alien genre and prove himself or have a come-back. So honest to God, I do not understand why would he sign such an age-old boring script!

Shruthi Hassan is pretty and dumb innocent and dances very well actually! *truly surprised* But she REALLY should have gone for dubbing. I’m a fan of her songs, but she sounds plain rugged and scratchy in dialogues.

Hansika (Oh. I haven’t mentioned her so far? Doesn’t even matter) is the Princess of Vedhalars and just shows up now and then.

I was expecting a meaty role from the Evil Queen Sridevi. But it is tarnished by lots of evil-laughing, heavy lined kohl eyes and vampire-teeth-showing. Really, that is all. Oh, her hand extends like some XMen stuff. If that kind of thing amuses you.

Sudeep is such a great performer and they have totally under-used him. Totally. Just another Padai Thalabathi aiming for the throne.

Music by DSP is already discussed enough since the audio launch. My picks are still Mannavane and Yendi Yendi. BGMs could have been better. It was all just too much sound. And the same love BGM every friggin time Shruthi or Hansika enters the frame.

VFX. Why? Every scene will probably have a VFX bird flying around or a VFX One-Eyed Giant Man, VFX Lilliputians, VFX Panthers. I’m not saying they were cheap or bad, they were infact good. But too much of anything just loses it’s appeal!

All said and done, this is a very brave move from Vijay. To attempt fantasy is one thing – but doing a script that lacks so much of promise but just with the hope that ‘this director has done it once, he will do it again’ has just backfired.  Vijay tries to balance out the bad script and even worse screenplay with his charisma, dance and screen presence. But there is only so much a single man can do.

Unfortunately Puli fails to impress. But it sure as hell is not going to make me just stop being a Vijay fan 😉 We shall bounce back! *rawr*


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  1. Wowwww … your review is far better than any commercial rating site or a tv show. As you had rightly pointed out, there was no need for vijay to take up this project. But i personally believe that an artist shouldn’t restrict himself to a limited genres. Yes the movie has failed to entertain us drastically. I wish atleast the cast and crew had got the sense of satisfaction about their work at least 🙂

    1. Oh Pavan! *happy giggles* Thank you so much for all the appreciation. I really do like to review movies. And I’m glad someone likes what I have tried to convey :’) And about the movie, yes. I’m very happy Vijay is feeling experimental. Hope it gave him the satisfaction, as you said! Work well done is never a waste no matter if it succeeds or not , I guess ^_^

      And you’ve got a wonderful blog yourself! Friends? *waves*

  2. First of all, brilliant and unbiased review !
    I felt super sad after all the puli reviews ! Cause puli was one of those movies I genuinely wanted people to like, but deep down I sort of knew not many would welcome such a loose script.
    Directors need to realise that audiences these days have evolved and are wanting to see fresher concepts on screen irrespective of whether it’s their favourite actors movie or not. Yes, I do agree that there still fan wars in our industry, but we do have a large section of people who enjoy movie for the art it is and the effort put behind it ( like me ^.^ )
    Producers need to realise that putting in a huge mint will not necessarily fetch them a sure shot hit ! They need to hand pick their scripts instead of hand picking their heroes.
    And as for the heroines, our industry is in dire need of them . I don’t know about you , but I haven’t really been enjoying Hansika’s works lately. Yeah, maybe she has the potential, but then again look at the scripts she chooses . She is all cute and adorable but we need to consider the purpose she is here for- acting and I honestly don’t think her acting skills are impressing me. Shruthi of course I admire her offscreen – but her Tamil. Enough said.

    So yeah, that comment got quite long .. Sowieee !

    1. Wow wow wow !!! Thank you so much for the appreciation and damn, the kickass comment ! You’ve given a review itself ☺️☺️???? I winced every time there was a bad joke on screen. Come on, when even we feel the jokes are absurd.. Haters ll rejoice! But I knew the film is a lost cause when interval finally came up. Nothing could save that kind of script. No matter how many stars you cast.
      I just don’t know why he accepted this. But I’m just hopping Atlee’s Vijay59 will wash out the damage!

  3. Nice review Sharu. Its bad when so much effort, time and money goes to waste. Initially it sounded like one of the adventure games we play. Its high time these heroes leave their image and concentrate on story. Movies making big now are quality content based such as Thani Oruvan, kaaka muttai etc. So need change of mindset?


    1. Very true Katie! They can’t keep doing whatever they like and expect us to appreciate. The audience have matured over the years and it’s the era where content is king even in media. I’m very happy to see the change , but our directors should start casting Heroes for the story and not story for the Hero! 🙂

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