Yes, I just did it. I published a post on my blog about a reality show, trying to show my love and support for a contestant. Who would have thought? Not me, for sure.

Tamil Nadu is going frenzy over #BiggBoss Tamil edition. When Kamal Hassan is the host, you don’t expect anything less!! I heard it was a big hit in Hindi as well, 10 seasons strong. See? we South Indians know stuff. We just don’t care 🙂 #SA 😛  And I also heard it bombed big time in Malayalam, as Malayalee House.  And now it has soared high in Tamil, and even started in Telugu!

Everyone loves it, hates it, criticizes it, mocks it but still talks about it. Most trending topic of 2017 is Bigg Boss after Baahubali, I’m sure.

So what’s it exactly ?

100 days. 30 cameras. 15 contestants. One house.  The contestants are a mix of actors – big and fresh faces, public, comedians etc.  So when you signed up to be under 24/7 surveillance for 100 days in a house with no connection to the outside world, no internet or phone, with limited food – it doesn’t sound all that bad.  But things get dirty when each week, all the contestants (referred to as house-mates here) vote for two people, whom they think, should be evicted. House-mate will then be evicted based on the the least number of votes by general audience of the show.Each week, one person gets out. The last one standing, will the crowned the Title Winner!

Trust me, it’s not easy. My favorite contestant straight off the bat was Oviya. But only because she dressed well, stayed positive and was always cheerful. But as they days go by, and people get meaner by the second, and when the masks fall, they can’t tolerate someone being so happy. She was one of the nominees every week, lined-up for eviction. But each week, public votes were in favor and she was back in the game!

So now 25 days in, after cornering and bullying one innocent person (Barani) out of the show, they have now started to corner Oviya, threaten to hit her, backstab her, bully her and isolate her.  Netizens all over the state strongly support her and even started “Save Oviya Movement” campaigns and plan to rally for her and boycott Bigg Boss, if she was indeed sent out.Why all this for Oviya? Why #OviyaArmy ?

1.She is such a happy and cheerful person

Right from waking up with a smile and dancing away for the wake-up song, she emits a cheery vibe. When you wake up and dance like that, it’s difficult to feel grumpy afterwards 🙂 Although people criticize her for talking to the camera, she doesn’t care. She does what she loves – and with a smile! And that annoys everyone the F off. It’s a delight to watch 😀

2. She is an old soul

She makes the most sense! Oviya and Ganesh are the most humble and understanding people under that roof. She always tries to understand each person’s point of view and provides support at that exact moment – with no judgement. And as she often says, she’s learnt so much so soon, that made her this strong.

3. She takes the effort

She wakes up, dresses up so darnnn well and stays pretty. I mean, when nine other people whom you live with, have it as their life’s mission to plot against you and send you out, how could you use your energy, to pick a matching choker for your off-shoulder top? I get reminded of one my most favourite quote ..

“No matter what happens.. dress up, show up and never give up”. She lives by it!!

4. She is not afraid to stand-out nor stand alone

She is highly opinionated! There are empty heads like Raiza over there who’s like “True, true…I agree…Yes yes” who just nods to whatever whomever says. And then there is Oviya who always has a counter-argument for everything and gives her opinion (which makes the most sense! ). You gotta love that.

5. She has integrity

If she doesn’t like something, she says it on the face. She takes the effort to go clear the air with someone. She doesn’t backstab or gang-up against anyone ever. Even when Barani was being cornered, she repeatedly said she feels sorry for him and understood he really is under too much pressure and tried to defend him.

There was an interview by Princess Diana where she will be asked, why do people hate her.  She says “They don’t understand where I gt my strength from. They don’t like it, that I’m strong.” That’s Oviya for you. Maybe the comparison is a bit much, but you can’t deny that it’s the same essence.

Simply put, scripted reality show or not, we all just adore and celebrate Oviya because, we’d like to be her. Be the ray of sunshine when it’s all darkness and marsh and gloom around us.  Just don’t dampen her sprit! #OviyaArmy


1 thought on “Queen of Hearts | Oviya : Bigg Boss Atrocities

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Oviya is a fun bubbly personality to be around and watching her on TV honestly brightens up anyone’s mood. The way she is able to remain positive and her true character regardless of the negativity that surrounds her is truly admirable and inspirational. The way the other characters treat and bully her is honestly cancerous to watch. Her strength is incredible and I honestly hope that she gets the justice that she deserves. In saying this, what happened in the big boss house with Bharani a few weeks earlier and now with Oviya is just a reflection of what is happening around the world. Bullying comes in many forms such as verbal, physical and cyber bullying but social exclusion is just as important. I hope through this show that viewers learn how to identify this and how to resolve these conflicts/how to act in these situations.

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