Hi!! I’m just back after a long day of driving, movie with parents, shopping, more shopping, even more shopping and driving back home. So just a quick update on Remo! 


Boy is not the flirty types. He meets girl for the first type. And yes, the girl is playing with kids. Perfect-heroine-entry.  And cupid strikes him then and there. Like, literally. You’ll see. At this point I was like, oh god :/ after all those expectations…  

*le me stops mid sentence.

*insert Shiva’s swag dance for Senjitaaley *…wow. 

And it has been a ride from then on. Shiva is so bloody handsome in this movie. *heart-eyed-emoji* They know what works for him and have used it well. These is this new confidence in his acting, maybe to show the character differentiation better. Remo character is carried so well; Shiva has nailed the role. It is not a serious role,  and they’ve just chilled-out and had ample fun with this characterization. I didn’t feel let down one bit. Most movies these days with exemplary trailer fail to impress us when the movie comes out. Cuz all the cool scenes are already out in the trailer. Remo gives you more.

This is the first Keerthi Suresh movie I’m watching, and yeah, she’s pretty cool! Tries to be Nazriya-ish here and there, but overall nice scope for performance and she did justification to the role.

Anirudh has killed it again with BGM and songs. Love him to bits, that’s a different story 😀

P.C. Sreeram cinematography speaks volumes for themselves in each frame and the songs are a color riot! <3

Just a fun-filled happy entertainer for a Saturday evening with friends or family from Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan 🙂


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