DISCLAIMER : I’m just a girl who has crushes on Handsome guys like Dulquer and awe for Geniuses like ARR, PC and Maniratnam. This is in no way a politically deemed fit review Suhasini Ma’am (if you can even call this one).

ok kanmani

There are some films you know you wanna watch, ever since the Pooja stills and first look come out, right? OK Kanmani was one such movie I curiously followed around. I was even warned that I should not blindly be expecting magic cause.. you know? Even Kadal was a Mani-ARR combo. And we all know how that turned out. But I din’t loose hope – cause Dulquerrrrr <3 😀

Let me break this to you. There is no point building up the suspense when ya’ll already know the movie is a people’s favorite. So yeah, I loved this thing and the movie will melt even the hardest of the corrosive rock kind of hearts. But we are not talking about some kadhal kaaviyam (epic timeless love-story) here. This is real stuff. True stuff. Today’s stuff.

Dulquer Salman as Adi is the guy all you girls have in mind. He’d look more attractive compared to an ancient architecture in Ahmedabad. (Doesn’t matter if you’re an architecture student. Dulquer in a red shirt is more fascinating! Period.) Typical good looking guy with nice humor and an Royal Enfield. So what’s different about this hero? Unlike our Kollywood heroes who wanna live the rest of their lives with the heroine, this guy just doesn’t wanna commit.

Ne azhaga iruka nu nenaikala – but idhu lam nadandhurumo nu bayama iruku. Remember what Mani did to us with that movie <3

He just decides to revisit his own theory here.

Love? Yes. Getting physical? Oh yes. Living together? Why not?

Marriage? “Eh, no luv.”

Doesn’t sound like a very promising hero material, right? But apparently, he is. And damn, he is good.

Fortunately (for him) even Tara (our Kanmani Nithya Menen) is looking for some guy to be happy with, and not marriage. So yeah, they do all of the above and have fun till the time to separate eventually comes; without giving much thought to feelings, thoughts and all other poisonous thoughts. *yeah, I just called love as a poisonous thought. There you go*.

What happens eventually is quiet predictable. But the way it is presented is so real and believable, and for that *curtsy* to Mani Sir. Whether Nithya blushes or not, we sure do and trust me it’s not easy to make a romantic scene – romantic! He managed it throughout the movie. No extra dancers, no foreign shoots, no fancy locations but the movie is CLASSIC (yeah, in capitals).

P.C has dived and jumped with his camera. That man is amazing ! *Special mention to Parandhu Sellava and the rain-car-scene : Camera was whoa* And ARR, let’s just say my age is not even qualified enough to comment on how beautiful the background score and music is.  Stellar !

The performances of Dulquer and Nithya are realistic and candid. Acting with each other in two movies back to back apparently helps. Chemistry is crackling.  I usually don’t talk about this Chemistry Physics crap – but come on, they were real.

Frankly I hated Nithya pre-watching for no particular reason. Idk, its weird. But I’m happy she did this role now and I’d not prefer anyone else 🙂

Thank you so much for such a fascinating movie, Mani Ratnam. Youngsters win. Youth rules. This team of Mani-PC-ARR are the youth we’re talking about. 🙂

When you walk out of the movie theater, you have only one thing in mind. You hope to be someone’s Kanmani one day. Mani Wins. <3


13 thoughts on “Review : OK Kanmani

  1. Nice Review. I loved the movie too. And I hated Menen before the movie but fell flat for her as much as I did for Dulqer!! Very cute movie.
    Also, I’m from Psbb, why doesn’t any Psbb – Loyola – west mambalam guy ACTUALLY look and behave like THAT!?! Yupp that was me loud thinking. Lol!! ?

  2. Nicely reviewed! I’m dying to watch this movie (big time fan of practically everyone: Mani, Rahman, NITHYA!, Dulquer, PC Sreeram 🙂 ) But why is it so difficult to get tickets in Chennai 🙁

    1. Hey ! I know the feels. But I’m one the people who make tickets sold out at midnight (I stay glued to the app from 11:30) lol. Guilty.

      But you will get tickets now. Only on release weekend it’s tough.

      1. Hey Sharu! So now I know who’s the culprit 😛 Anyway, I did get to watch on the movie on the second weekend. Had to settle for S2 Theyagaraja as Luxe was still out of bounds.

  3. Awesome Review! * Suhasini ma’am, see we don’t have to get a specialised degree to write a good review ! *
    I really want to watch this movie.. But then 1.) I am 15 2.) Which means I will have to go with my parents 3.) I don’t think that is a good idea 😛

    I actually started liking Nithya Menon from her Malayalam movie Ustad Hotel ( which also starred Dulquer ) ! I went for Kanchana 2 this Saturday, and Nithya Menon once again impressed me with her excellent acting skills !

    1. Aaah, please don’t go with your parents. I had the pleasure of taking them for the second time and trust me.. Nope. ;D

      I hated that woman. Frankly, idk why. She is jus… I don’t know. After this movie, I don’t hate her ^_^ but still not a fan. :/

      DULQUER on the other hand was… Whoaaaa ? 😀

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