Aloha everybody! The best thing that happened to India (despite the horrible stuffs #NirbhayaDocumentary etc) is the introduction of freenet connection on !! It’s a website that is jointly launched by Reliance & Facebook in India, having a host of Free Services /websites which are FREE of Charge to Reliance Customers. Some of the services are Facebook, OLX, News, Cricinfo, Weather updates, Job Search, and many more.

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The advantages and the ways in which this will boost the lifesyle and knowledge of our population is beyond imagination. Let me list a few critical ones.

Increases Individuality:

When there is an emergency and someone is feeling sick at your home, and showing certain symptoms, till you wait for help – you could actually KNOW what it means and how YOU can make the patient feel at ease. You need not go ask someone to help. You would know what to do. It gives you a sense of self-confidence and relief. Similarly, when a particular topic that you don’t know about is discussed, you are a click away for knowing what it is all about. You need not ask anyone anymore. Or pretend. Or worse, feel bad that you don’t know. You can. 🙂


Yes, you can very well buy a news paper and keep a track of whats happening in the country. When? The next day? Now you can know that in the very same instant with all then news websites that are accessible. Also, print media deals only with current affairs. What made this happen and that person comment so? You can dig it out on the website!! Availability of regional news websites is a icing on the cake! 🙂


When we need something and do not have the amount of cash in hand to go purchase it from the store, what do we do? OLX it! Now they can too. Because it is more crucial and helpful to the people with daily wages and not much savings to enjoy products and improvise on their style of living within budget!

Job :

In a developing country like India, where unemployment is one of the biggest concerns, this comes as a boon. People need not tell their friend to ask the friend-of-friend for any vacancy anymore. No need to visit so many offices looking for jobs. What TimesJobs and Babajobs does uniquely when compared to the Opportunity column of the newspaper is – the possibilities are limitless. The search process is easier. You can filter out according to your qualification or location. You will have pages and pages of results to apply to. Very unlike newspapers. I’m having hopes this will boost the unemployment ratio in our country.

What and How:

Clearly the most crucial websites that are now accessible to everyone with freenet is Wikipedia and Wikihow. This is a vast sea of knowledge which one cannot attain with only television or newspaper, that deals with current affairs only. Everything from how to make a Fried Rice to Power-Saving on your android mobile is within reach. We have taken these things too lightly; everything had been a click away. But for people with freenet, who are now introduced to the world of internet will be immensely benefited by this.

The education system in our country doesn’t give room for self-study or actually helps in gaining real-like knowledge. I hope the coming generation uses this for their own betterment !!

Since is also available, they can learn a lot of words which will improve the quality of their communication and language.


Nobody’s an island anymore. The advantages and pleasures of facebook need not even be listed out. And everyone deserves to connect and have fun 🙂 This would have not been possible without internet (unlike news and job-hunting).

When there is so much of information available, so much you can do, so effortlessly you can connect, learn and know, the language should not stop you. This will more than ever encourage people to learn English to search easily and as the days go by, I’m pretty positive that many many of the people will speak English. Such a happy thought! 🙂

To learn in detail about the scheme, please click here.

The list of websites available :

Category Free Service
Communication Facebook
Information Manorama
Education Jagran Josh
Entertainment ESPN cricinfo
Entertainment NDTV
Entertainment Astrology
Finance BabaJob
Finance OLX
Finance Reuters Market Lite
Finance TimesJobs
Government AP Speaks
Health Malaria No More
Health Facts for Life (Unicef)
Health Social Blood
Information Bing Search (Microsoft)
Information Aaj Tak
Information AccuWeather
Information Amar Ujala
Information BBC News
Information IBN Live
Information Daily Bhaskar
Information Cleartrip
Information Jagran
Information Maalai Malar
Information Maharasta Times
Information Newshunt
Information India Today
Information Times of India
Information Translator
Information wikiHow
Information Wikipedia
Information Reliance: ‘Basics of Internet’
Women BabyCenter & MAMA
Women Nike Foundation (Girl Effect)
Women UN Women (iLearn)
Entertainment Hungama Music
Entertainment Network 18


I very well understand that most of you reading this blog right now have the above mentioned resources and much much more-available for many years now. Me too. But there are millions of kids in our own country who might not even know what the internet is capable of. This is a super-power in their hands and I thank Reliance and Facebook for this wonderful scheme. 🙂


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