Who doesn’t love having quirky things in their room. I’m definitely not the person who’d prefer to have their bedrooms crisp with a monochromatic theme. Id want colors, posters, cutesy artifacts and pin-boards!! I am a very visual person and I love pinning stuffs like quotes I love reading, pictures, inspirations or just plain reminders. I’ve just done that on pinterest so long and I decided it’s high time I give myself the real pinning experience with an advantage of having an ADORABLE accessory in my room.

I looked for a medium sized pin board online without horrid color bases like ink blue and blood red. The internet was filled with them. Then I stumbled across a particular brand on Snapdeal named Kanico Boards. Those guys had boards in every size and color. I got a dark purple one in a medium size and I’m pinning my life away right now. Lol. It is soft wood, easy to pin, not too heavy and such a beautiful color 🙂 It’s just quotes right now, but I’m gonna be printing pictures of me, my friends and family real soon 🙂

pin board


Anyone else does this ?  What is your idea of room decor, pls let me know. Looking for inspirations 🙂 x


3 thoughts on “Seeing Happy Things

  1. I just shifted houses and I’ve gotten a nice pin up board done too… Yet to decorate it and you’ve given me beautiful ideas 😀
    P.s. Mine is a deadly shade of pale pukey lie unfortunately ?

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