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It is a sad truth in the blogosphere that the amount of sponsored blog posts we write are slightly on the higher side compared to writing stuff that means something to us. Nah, I’m not pointing my finger at anybody because I’ve fallen deep down that hole too. I enjoy participating in  contests and writing sponsored posts too, because someone thinks, what I feel about something is important! So to make those posts more ‘ME-ish’,I simply try to write more about my true self instead of plain promotion. And here onwards I’m going to be blogging more for the love of blogging. Yes, I’m an Corporate girl (I will call myself a girl, till I’m married *flips hair*), I’m doing my M.S part-time; But I intend to set aside a chunk of my time to redefine my blog.


I’m going to start a weekly series, where I will be talking about the things that’s I’m currently obsessed with or love doing and my current reads. *Yet to name the series*

I’ll also be continuing my Life Updates series *should probably give that a more interesting title. Updates? Pfft! What was I thinking!!* I’m planning to do that series every month, fill you guys in on my life. Whether you care or not is entirely another question. I’ll keep it minimal 😛

Friends. I’m not exactly the greatest friend to have offline. Lol. I don’t know, I want to have a big gang of friends and hang out and everything. But when ever given the chance, I prefer reading a book or watching American TV shows in my home than go out and “have fun”.So I’m planning to interact more and become actual friends with fellow bloggers. Just drop by a “Hi” (or Hello if you fancy that) and mention your blog address. Will come over to your place (read : blog) and catch-up with you 🙂

A lot has been going on at home and my work-life is currently a mess. I don’t know where to focus and how to set things straight. So first, I’m going to start by bringing in some order to my blog – which is the only thing under my control.

Love you all xoxo <3


2 thoughts on “Showing some Love

  1. HeyLo,

    Sharu, I really am in the same boat as you when it comes to sponsored post. I really don’t write every sponsored post that comes by. Just the once I can relate to… Cause at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to give the readers what they are expecting.
    My latest post ‘was’ going to be a sponsored one… But then once I finished the post , I realised how personal and ‘real’ the post was, by adding a sponsored link I would have ruined it’s beauty… And so, I skipped the entire sponsored bit 🙂 and I feel happy that I did !

    I have been reading your posts for quite some time now, not really ‘commenting’ much though.. Just casually roaming around your blog and liking ( no not stalking 😉 ) … But this time, I just felt the urge to comment and I could really relate to the things you said !

    Looking forward for your series !

    From the not so-

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by purrfect girl ! I’m so glad you shared that part about the sponsored-post-turning-into-original-post. Yes, initially I was very excited too. But then I didn’t feel like writing something totally irrelevant and let my readers down (figuratively and technically). So I try my best to keep it real and sometimes when I know I wont be able to relate, I’d just skip it all together for the sake of followers and some originality to my blog. 🙂

      So glad we share the same thoughts! *virtual hi-5*

      And yeah, the series will be up! 🙂 Thanks again girl 🙂

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