We all have certain tasks in our to-do list that have been born just to sit there idly and stare at us with dull lifeless eyes. One such task for me is getting my Dental issues together. It’s always there, but I just have the habit of rushing to my dentist when the pain is intolerable and not giving any sort of attention when things are subtle.

Finally I decided to strike it off my bloody list due to lack of space to add more stuff. I visited the  Apollo White Dental Care clinic at Velachery.


Address :

Apollo White Dental, 2nd Floor, Door No 25, Plot No.49, Survey No. 233/3, Tansi Nagar, 15th street, Velachery, Chennai

Phone : 69000188 / 43099000


The clinic was very neatly maintained, doesn’t reek of the dental clinic sterile smell. 




I consulted with Dr. Sriram, the Clinical Head. He gave one look at my dentals and wasn’t so impressed 😀 Not that I was shocked 😛 He suggested I go in for a OPG (Orthopantomogram) which is a dental X-Ray that provides a panoramic view of the mouth, teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaws.

Ranjitha is the staff who assisted me with the X-Ray and was all smiles and kind. Once my OPG was done, the image was immediately transmitted to the doctor’s room before I even reached there 😀 Dr.Sriram was very straight-forward and explaining the issues I should be concerned with and the one’s that are not really as major as we think them to be.

There are so many things I learned from him about oral health, maintenance and hygiene. Some are listed below:

  • Smile correction is very commonly done by so many people and we are just not aware of how popularly it is being done.
  • Our dental X-Rays taken in multiple angles are sent to computer studios and projected in ways that might give us the best smile possible with the perfect alignment.
  • Mouth breathing is bad. Ofcourse. But the causes include a deviated septum or a nasal block. Tonsillitis is never a cause for it.
  • Dental scaling needs to be done yearly once.
  • When the alignment of your teeth is improper, no matter how efficiently you think you clean, it is going to in vain. Correcting it is the first step you can achieve to a better dental health.
  • The upper and lower jaw teeth are like couples 😀 The support each other. If the lower one is extracted, the other one will gradually come down seeking support and serves no purpose without it’s pair tooth.

After such an informative and interesting session by Dr.Sriram I decided to take my first step towards enhancing dental health – get scaling done. Dr.Subhashini did my scaling, she was patient and kind and listened to every one of my requests and concerns. Also, needless to say, every equipment used is either sterilized or disposed (if it’s a use-and-throw article).

The scaling has given  so much satisfaction and I’d gladly accept that I’m smiling a little bit more these days. 🙂 

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