Heyy! I disappeared as usual. Almost abandoning my baby blog – AGAIN! but nope, not happening (not yet  though !) The last time I updated, I was anxiously waiting to go on that vacation to Hyderabad and Nilgris . And so did I. I’ve already been to both the places. But the thing is ..my family is not very daring. I mean, we’ve been to Hyderabad, Delhi , Kolkatta , Bangalore, Kerala.. I mean everywhere on the India map , but we keenly look for “Authentic South Indian Restaurants” ! I mean, who does that !? One of my acquaintance at college encouraged me to try THAT place’s specialty when am there. “Be a Roman, while you’re in Rome” right? And I did that this time !

Hyderabad is typically known for the Hyderabadi-dum-Briyani which is very very popular at Hotel Paradise. It was located in the Paradise Circle and had really amazing food. If you don’t have at least one meal there, trust me – you’re missing out!

Hyderabadi Briyani @ the Paradise

We stayed at Minerva Grand in Secunderabad‎. It was a beautiful hotel and the buffet at The Minerva Coffee Shop was the bessttttessttt food and best buffet I ever had anywhere in my life!!


Minerva Grand Lobby ( the glass sofa was fascinating! )

So.. then the days we spend at Hyd was pretty much fun ! Day 1 when we landed , we were tired from the bus travel .. I insisted on Bus transport as I have never ever traveled by bus to a city and heard rave reviews about sleeper buses from one of my college acquaintance! It sucked. (Read : not for long leg people! 🙁 ) We just hit the famous Inorbit mall that day, in Hi-tech City. Day 2, Dad had to go to office ( he works there ) .. But we had our car to ourselves. So me and mom dint even waste that day and visited the Chowmahalla Palace and the Charminar and the NTR Gardens. . Day 3 was our check out day . Dad got me SONY VAIO lap!! In SILVER!! I was bored of the black HP i had. and after playing with it for a while, when my dad ditched us and left to work ( i know!! such a workaholic he is -_- !! ) , my mom was packing, and I was getting used to touch screen on a laptop. Lol 😛 after checking out, we headed to I-Max and saw Iron Man -3 !! It was super cool – the movie , as well as the imax experience !! Flight was at 7pm. We did some shopping and headed over to the airport .. reached Chennai around 11pm. Our next connecting flight to CBE was at 6:30 am. So we rushed home , re-packed the Nilgiris stuff , had maggie , rushed back to the airport ! It was Fun! 😀 Then it was all the same. Cbe – Etios – Ooty. Mom was sick there at Ooty , so we couldn’t make it back by train as planned. Another flight back to Chennai ! Phew. Now, that was Summer worth mentioning !! 😉 🙂 🙂  Below .. my vacation in pictures .. 🙂

Sleepless Sleeper Bus Travel Chn–> Hyd
Right after landing. Note the new sandals 😉 This pic made my mom buy a Mochi fr her @ Inorbit Mall 😐 
Chilling at the Hotel
This train goes around the mall carrying kids @ Inorbit . Cute 🙂
This pic made me realize why I don’t gain weight! Parents order smoothies and I order mint flavoured water :/ 
Loved my mom’s tea cup to bits! English Tea – perfect ! 
Chowmahalla Palace
Chowmahalla Palace
How the hell did people make crafts like these in the 1500s ! Palaces never fail to fascinate me!  –Chowmahalla Palace
Chowmahalla Palace
NTR Gardens
 Hill Country Holiday Resorts – Lovedale 

Nothing special , I just loved my flip-fops 😛 
Ooty Charring Cross , I’m freezing there! 
Our Cottage 🙂
I selected the room with the view 😀 Split cautiously into Gadget-bed and sleeping-bed ^_^ 😛
Way back to the plains.
Back home. 🙂 Safe and Sound 🙂

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