Hiya, it’s no surprise that I went MIA on my blog again after a dramatic comeback post. Life has just been so hectic lately and either a lot of things are happening that I literally don’t have the time nor the physical energy to blog; or I’m so free but emotionally drained and exhausted, that I successfully spend over 2 hours sitting idle without doing anything productive.  There is no in between. Never been.

Blah blah blah, I didn’t blog. So to keep myself hooked and make myself accountable, I’m joining the bandwagon that does this The Sunday Currently Series. I love reading this on other blogs and it’s so calming to see what complete strangers are upto. This does not come under stalking category as they themselves post it. I checked. Hmph. Let’s get on to my Vol 1 then :’)

sunday currently


last few chapters of Winter. This is the final installment in the Cinder series by Marissa Meyer. It is a modern re-telling of a Cindrella, but definitely not a sappy slushy one at that! Cinderella is Cinder here and she is a cyborg living in New Beijing, set in a world after the fourth world war where a century has gone in total peace and harmony. Love it ! Sad that it is gonna end, so I’m taking my time finishing this one.


this one and a couple other posts 🙂 


to the session before the India Vs Australia T20 WC 🙂 So excited for this match!!


about which cake to order for mum’s birthday tomorrow. Already got her a White Forrest for anniversary. She hates chocolate. Butterscotch, maybe?


pain-relief spray! 🙁 Been having acute lower-back pains recently. End result of long hours at work and even longer drives every weekend. Damn, this sucks.


for better temper-management skills. *rolls eyes*


for inner peace. This is not a kung fu panda joke. Inner-peace really exists and that sence of calm and acceptance and contentment…would be really good right about now.


Doe print PJs 😀


Google Docs. Damn, it makes life so much better! #bloggerlife


to go on a month week-long vacation! Not possible anytime soon, that much I’m sure :/ but a weekend getaway should suffice.


my hair to behave! I love leaving it loose for the first time ever. And now I get the struggle of every girl out there. It is SO difficult to look like that for any more that 9 minutes, give or take :/


nervous and unsettled and clammy already. It’s Monday tomorrow. One of the terrorizing mondays at work 🙁

Join the link-up here to submit your entries. Psst! you could snuggle in your bed on a lazy sunday afternoon at 3:22 PM and check what totally random people are upto! Trust me it’s calming <3 😉
Update : Publishing this blog AFTER the match. India won the match, with a brilliant knock from Virat !! 😉 


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  1. “Cinderella is Cinder here and she is a cyborg living in New Beijing, set in a world after the fourth world war where a century has gone in total peace and harmony.”

    I can actually see this happening 🙂 Well, except for the last bit.

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