We all have bucket-list full of dreams and goals, some more realistic than the other. I’m sure my list ranges from that of a teenage girl to borderline adrenaline junkie (i.e., One Direction Concert to Skydiving) , but most of my goals revolve around travel. I have been fortunate enough to have my parents take me out to visit every state in India in all my Summer vacations during school. I just wanted to stay in my hotel, the moment we checked in, order room-service and watch television. But Dad always formulates a plan and makes us get out right after breakfast.  I grumbled back then, but now I’m so happy he did.

To travel is to live. Going to new places, trying out the local cuisine, marveling at the places and people; most important of all, just let it sync in – how far I’ve come from home. I get to travel a lot more now than before because of my job location and I cant be more happier. When I go back, I want to cherish these days and the slice of life – and I think it’s coming along pretty well.

A couple week backs, me and my friends here decided to check the biggest thing off our travel wish-list – Switzerland. You gotta know one thing before we get into the post. I’m a realist. I don’t expect things to be perfect – no matter how much I wish they were, I have come to a realization that they never will be. I don’t expect trips to go on as planned, I don’t expect flights to land on time. I just set my mind that, the pictures you see on Pinterest are expectations and reality will have a totally different spin. Buy boy, was I wrong. Switzerland just blew my mind.

It is every bit the beautifully constructed snowflake it is portrayed to be. Plush green mountains, crisp fresh air, clean blue streams of water just gushing past everywhere, tiny cottages on the hill and perfect, pure snow. It was like being cast in Heidi for a second (which is a Swiss production apparently).

We signed up for this trip via See-EU, a travel agency based out of Belgium, which arranges trips to the European countries around here. The travel was via bus and it was an over-night travel to Swiss.

We reached the Rhine Falls the first thing in the morning. It’s one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. But the falls do not ideally fall from a high-point, but it is intense. Loved it as it was the first breath of Swiss air and it was so fresh and cool. But on a tourist point of view, you can skip it if your time here is minimal.

Then we reached Lucerne.  It’s a quaint town with lots of character and holds some of the top places to visit while you’re in the country – like Lion Monument, Chappel Bridge, Cathedral and the beautiful Lake Lucerne.

Day 2, we went for a cruise on the Thun Lake and Oh MY Gosh, what a beauty it was. The mountains, green and plush at the bottom, with snow capped peaks, chill cool air,  pristine clean lake with such a mesmerizing view of the valley. This infact was my favourite part of the entire trip. <3 Fun fact: I broke down crying (legit tears and all) at looking how magnificent the place was. Yep, that happened.

We took the cruise from Thun to Spiez, and took our bus took us from there to Interlaken. The holy city of DDLJ <3 Yash Chopra, you genius for introducing Indian Film industry to this Alpine beauty! They have even honored him with a statue at the Krussal Garden for bringing Siwss to such a colossal fame!  You will find a lot of spots from many many film songs sequences, that have been shot in Interlaken. And what did I do here? Buy a watch at Swatch, because.. if you’re not buying a watch in Switzerland – where else? 😀 😉

And Day 3 is here and we finally checked-out and embarked on our journey to the round-the-year snow-covered mountain peak of Mount Titlis.  It was magnificent ! The altitude could send you spinning, but oh what fun. You first have to take the cable car from Engelberg to Trubsee and then take the ROTAIR from Trubsee to the peak of Titlis. Absolutely stunning and worth it. There are a lot of fun activities you can do up there, like Cliff walk, Glacier Cave, Air Flyer and Snow Slides – do not miss them. We kinda missed the snow games cause we were whiplashed with the view, but snap out of your trance sooner ! 😉

So here is a documentation of the travel with about 1.7% of the pictures we took there ! 😀 But yeah, abso-friggin-lutely loved this trip. Thanks Manu! 

Brace yourselves. Winter is here. 

Rhine Falls

Lake Thun



Engelberg – Mount Titlis

 Some views I’ll never forget 🙂 <3

Until next time,