First post.

Blogging has always been a fascination to me. I create blogs, I write random stuff , I decide to read a lot in an attempt to improve my vocabulary and writing skills but end up reading Gossip Girls and eventually dumping my every other blog within two weeks. 

I recently observed a bluebottle. It kept hitting the glass window again and again trying to figure a way out. The open part of the window is just a couple of foot away from where it was. But it refused to go about and examine the place. It blindly kept dashing against the same spot of window. I felt sorry for it. I tried to help, it would just buzz away. But later, after a while, the buzzing sound was back. And to my amusement, it kept buzzing about the same spot.

I’am a bluebottle. I have an inner urge to write. To express what I go through. Definitely not a phenomenal article, but I try to maintain a record of my personal day to day activities, but fail miserably every single time. But one thing was constant, I kept writing again and again. Atleast I tried! 

So here I am. Again. Presenting you with random , ridiculous and funny parts of my life. My life is not what people call ‘adventurous’. Its very monotonous. Ditching friends. Bitching enemies. Over-protective parents. And, a not-so-lively me. 

Dont expect much from this space. Its just basically, fundamentally, totally random! 

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