The Bestseller She Wrote

By Ravi Subramanian

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Pages: 392


the bestseller she wrote

Ravi Subramanian is one of the few Indian authors I’ve attempted to read and truly enjoyed. The Indian essence is unmistakable in his writing too, just like every other Indian authors for that matter, but he is a man who knows what he is writing about and manages to keep you hooked.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a very catchy title and a bestseller by itself. This is about a middle-aged guy who is a banker (no surprise) by profession and a bestselling author by passion. The protagonist of our story is Aditya who is successful in both his career and passion. He is married to his college sweetheart Maya and works at National Bank along with Sanjay, his best friend from college. What happens when he falls for Shreya, a young pass-out from his college who is an aspiring author and how things go haywire is the story.

  • The scene where Aditya meets Shreya whilst giving his guest speech about books and she makes a big scene was pretty cool. Something like that would definitely make the author remember her. Liked the authenticity there.
  • Shreya is point-blank using him for his contacts. If a best-selling author didn’t even have any idea cause he was smitten by his fan, nope. Not buying that story.
  • Maya is conveniently out of town every time they decide to meet.
  • His best friend plots and decides to take Adi down because he had a crush for Maya in college, but she picked Adi. What is this? 90s Bollywood film?
  • Maya contracts Ebola in Paris, comes back and stays in the death bed. Then cures and drinks. The sensitive streak that Maya gave us just totally vanished when she sashayed into Sanjay’s party and gulped down whiskeys. WTH.
  • Ravi Subramanian talks so much about how generally Indian authors suck and are crappy, and write horrible scenes whereas this Aditya is a genius who has totally on a different level who writes pure classy stuff. It would have been a good thought If Ravi was not writing it exactly the way he said Indian authors generally are.
  • Shreya apparently has milky white velvety skin, molten chocolate brown hair and bluish-green eyes. *dies*.
  • I liked Aditya’s characterization more. Because he is an author who knows the pulse of media and fans and is self-conscious about his looks.
  • Ravi has used a lot of names in this book. Maya works in Nita Ambani’s team, Anurag Kashyap directs Ravi’s book-to-movie adaptation, Blogadda’s Nirav Sanghavi etc. It is a nice move as it feels easily relatable and not another character we have to fictionalize.

This is definitely a pretty good book contrary to what I felt after the first 3-5 chapters. It picked up pace and kept me hooked on what is about to happen and what a bitch Shreya has been. The climax block was a huge let down for me personally. It was too clumsy and dramatic for my liking, but yeah, it works for an actual Bollywood movie. Book made into a movie made into a movie – bookception :O

We also get a fair picture about what happens behind the scenes in an author’s life, from the moment he completes to manuscript to when it hits the stand. It’s not always pretty, what matters is, if it’s all worth it.

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  1. LOL at Shreya’s description 😀 I just read this book and came out very conflicted. I hated Aditya and Shreya from the beginning but somehow the ending made up for the lifeless journey. Though now I think about it, it does seem like a cheesy 90’s drama. This is my first book of Ravi Subramanian, have you read any of his others that you recommend?

    1. Seriously Uday. I was like, whaaaat. 😀 but yeah, not soul-stripping bad, but okay ! 😉
      I liked Ravi’s God is a Gamer and Bankerupt. All his books are banking based as he was originally from tha background. That one is about bitcoins and the future of digital money. Eye opener! 🙂

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