Rohan was all excited about his wedding coming up. He was  engaged to the love of his life – ofcourse he is over the moon. The family from both sides were open-minded enough to not care about the differences in religion and caste. This was a match made in heaven, and no one dared to interfere.

He flew to India for his wedding, well in advance, to visit his friends and family, catch-up with them and handover the physical copies of the wedding invitation himself. Who does that in an era where wedding invitations are facebook events? Rohan does. He cares about the little things.

Once he landed in Chennai Airport, he was  calling up the cab services to take him home. To meet his family after a long break. To  begin another phase of his life. What he didn’t know was that, three people in a bike have already noticed him and are speeding towards Rohan standing on the pavement.

The first guy slows the bike when he is close enough to Rohan, second one cuts his hand, third guy catches the iPhone 6S that fell from his hand. And off they go.

What just happened? I just wish this was a fiction. Cruel, but some sadistic fiction. But no. This happened. Last month. And that’s why Rohan gave his invitation to my dad today and couldn’t write Dad’s name on the card.


That’s why it’s a nameless invitation.

What are we.


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  1. Oh no… That’s very upsetting to hear. It was really sweet to read the beginnings.. How he was over the moon ! God bless Rohan. Bad things happen to good people. 🙁 I don’t know what to say.. 🙁

      1. IKR.
        And one thing to tell you, Sharu ( ok right?), you are an amazing blogger who has always been one of my inspiration. Feel free to visit my blog. Hope you like it. BTW, I have nominated you for VBA. Pls do drop by my blog to know more.
        Much love,

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