I read a lot in the past couple of months during my absence in blogosphere. So I guess it’s only fair to document and share what I felt of those books!Β You can expect a bit of book reviews now and then here on ^_^

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Well this was initially supposed to be a trilogy but later Kiera apparently decided to make more money out of the rave and added another book to the series πŸ˜‰ And we are getting another book after the fourth one! *not even surprised anymore*

The Selection

The plot of this story is where the King decides to conduct a Selection for his young Prince. That is actually a β€˜bride-hunt’. But this kingdom of IllΓ©a is messed up with an evil King, young charming and good-natured Prince, kind but scared-of-her-husband Queen and a rebellious protagonist America Singer – a five with a boyfriend who is a Seven. *yawn*

Yeah, I know I know.

There is a caste system in IllΓ©a where people are classified between Ones till Eights – Ones are Royalty. Eights are the homeless. Goes like that. So the selection gives an opportunity for every girl of marriageable age in IllΓ©a to apply and get selected by a lottery system to be the chosen bunch of girls, who could be the future Queen!

And here – our heroine America Singer who is a Five (artist caste) gets selected to be among the top 35 girls who gets to live in the palace and go through elimination till the end up with 6 candidates left – They will be the Elites.


The Elite

The Elites fight against each other to be the One – the princess.


The One

The One is ___ (if you don’t already know). She and Prince Maxon fight against the odds to make Illea a good country without caste system.


The Heir

Repeat the friggin process for the daughter of ___ and King Maxon. The Selection comes back where eligible bachelors fight for the princess this time! WHAT!?

Untitled (book 5)

Who will this princess choose? *FML*

But in spite of all my shaming, Selection series keeps you hooked. You just HAVE to read it and know HOW the things that you know WILL happen – well, happens.

So I’m shamelessly waiting for the next book Β πŸ˜‰



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