As you all know, I’m back to my reading ways and becomming a book hoarder day by day. Accumuating more than I could finish, as if I’m on a race with the year 2014. One day when Varun Gautam asked me if I could do a review on his debut book, I was more than willing to do. The book arrived and I had too many books open parallely that I could not complete it on time. I read about 1/3rd of the book and lost focus. I wanted to complete my other books and come back to it. And that, I did. So lets move on the review.

It is a story about a guy (Arjun) who has everything he wanted. But life doesn’t let you be. His friendship messes up, his love life is on a roller coaster and he fails to clear the much coveted IMS exam which is the signature move he was expected to make, to withstand his position. That goes wrong and his life takes too many wrong turns. But not for long. Not after he gets hold of The Symbol.

The Symbol

Author :  Varun Gautam.

Pages : 229

Publication Year : 2014


The Good:  We have a very honest and bold first attempt here. The Symbol is certainly not the same mystery thriller we come across day in and day out. It has got substance and a very different plot. The narration and the dialogues are very day-to-day and relatable. The climax is both the positive and the negative. It gives out the message that, not all things happen at the time you want it to, but keep working towards success and it will come around. And I loved it that, the narration is from a cousin throughout the book, even when it is about the protagonist.

The Not-so-good :  First and foremost, the cover. How did they approve it ??? Even looking at it gives me a headache. I wouldn’t pick the book JUST cause of the cover. It matters, really.  The climax is so predictable. I mean, its what we have seen for a long time in Indian Cinema (Nope, not revealing it). And the Dhoni references. I mean, I love MSD to bits. But it is too much to take in after a while.

Final Verdict : Its a good first attempt , and a bit slow paced. But the plot is interesting and something we have not read recently. So, you might want to go for it.

3 stars


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