Yes, I skillfully played around the review tag on this post title because, there are a gazillion reviewers out there, who more than willingly give out their opinions when it is a big-stater movie.



Theri is colorful, mass, racy and comes with many social messages. A perfect blend that is expected out of a hero like Vijay who has mega-sized fan base. The film is good indeed, logic and loopholes aside. Although this is an age old wine in a new bottle; it has aged gracefully. Vijay’s screen presence is top-notch and every smile, move and gesture is carefully crafted to emit massy-ness. Good job there, Atlee!

Samantha has gotten so much better at acting when compared to Kaththi. Rejender, Radhika, Prabhu and Amy Jackson (yes, I’m mentioning her as a supporting cast, that’s all she was!) were all okay-ish. No one stood out. Director Mahendran played a very cunning and skillful antagonist who manages to get under your skin. G.V‘s songs were average but BGM did justice. George‘s Cinematography was crisp and kept the movie flowing. Baby Nainika is so adorable and oozes out innocence in her easy smile and charming eyes. Dialogues between Nainika and Vijay were very well written and funny! 😀

Vijay: Baby, naanum un excursion ku varalama?

Nainika: Babies matum dhan kootitu povaanga. Na unna baby’nu solra naala laa, unna kutitu po maataanga. Okay baby? 

It was a fun movie, a family entertainer with social messages like the Siruseri incident and many more thrown in. Just go for it and have fun. But if you are expecting something fresh and contemporary like Raja Rani from Atlee, you’d be disappointed:)


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