Not a typical blog entry. I need to vent.

Just finished reading Winger by Andrew Smith. I’ve been reading this book for too long cause of a mild reading-slump I’ve been going through. It’s a fun book and the dialogues and characters are hilarious, but a slump can be wicked, trust me.

So yeah, I just completed it about 5mins back and… Man. How do people end books like that? How do people manage to twist a plot so friggin much in just a couple chapters ? I was cracking up so bad and before I knew it.. I was freaked out, scared and … okay, I’ll admit .. tearey eyed.

Life is cruel. Not talking about the book anymore.. I think? I don’t even know if I’m capable of thinking straight now. Nothing is fair in this universe. You can’t go about being a nice person to every mean jerk you know and expect to end up in happyland. No matter what you do, how you achieve things and whatever defines you.. You are already marked a place. In heaven or hell (if you address it that way. There is definitely a good and bad place). And this short period we have on this Earth filled with mean and pathetic people , try to look out for yourself.

And no one should die scared and alone. It’s a very cruel thing to think about and it shakes me so bad. It is pretty much upsetting that we can’t live forever (what’s living forever worth, if we keep ageing anyways?) , we should at least end it by dying peacefully.

I know I’m gonna sound terribly creepy, but I’m jus gonna say it. I hope we all have a peaceful death. It is definitely gonna come for us, but I just hope we have no regrets, not alone, and not scared about leaving stuffs incomplete.

Disclaimer : This severely deep post is written after reading Winger. Nothing about stuff going on with my life. (NOW, you’d start thinking if it’s about me 😀 ) Peace x

13 thoughts on “Till death do us apart

  1. Added Winger to my TBR pile! Will read it when I feel like going through an emotional ride. But a well written post otherwise and you speak the truth.

  2. I think a peaceful death is what we want for the ones we leave behind. The trauma of seeing us spattered across walls will only add to the natural grief of having lost us so yes, in that sense I think we should all have a peaceful death.

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