Parents have a peculiar way of getting lost in the role, just being Parents after their child is born. He/She becomes the centre of their universe and nothing ever matters to them anymore. That’s what happenend to Madhavan and Meera. They were the high school sweethearts. But the love that lingered started to fade away after marriage. But one thing kept them bound together. Their daughter, Sasha. Ever since Sasha told them that she is going to do her graduation overseas, her parents have been worried. Sure, they are happy for Sasha as she was so talented and got into the university she wanted. But the one thing that they loved and kept them together is going to go away. Too far. Will they survive it anymore?

The day arrived when Sasha finally had to leave. Watching her walk away and disappear in the crowd is the most horrible thing that ever happened to Meera. She tried very hard to control her tears when Sasha was around. To comfort her and support her decision. But this was it. And she broke down. Tears streamed down her face, along the wrinkles that had started to mark their territory.

Madhav sat next to her and touched Meera’s hand. When was the last time he held her hand, he wondered. She stiffened, but dint retrieve her hand. “I know I have not been a remarkable husband. I have not showed up in time for our dinner. Cancelled out on more dates than I can remember. Sasha had been everything you need and I knew and agree that she almost replaced me. She became your world and I let it happen because I couldn’t spend time with you. But now I understand why you feel so shattered. I’m sorry, Meera. I really am. Let me make it up to you.”

She looked up at him with glossy eyes. He was graying and his hairline is receding. But he was the man she was madly in love with. And she knew that he meant it. She hugged him tight and agreed to work this out together.

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