Not gonna lie – travelling after covid scares the living lights out of me. I mean, there are so many uncertainties and situations beyond our control. We need a lot of reassurance to actually enjoy the trip, for a few solid months – maybe more!

travelling after covid coronavirus lockdown

But before we get anywhere and how we deal with the situation once we land, we have the new boarding process. Spoiler alert, it’s going to be hell. But hey, its a small price to pay if we can reinforce the confidence in travelling without anyone sneezing in your 7 hour flight (imagine the horror).

Too soon – wow or whoa?

I’m actually surprised by how soon the borders have reopened and how quickly the travel-bans are lifted for travelling after covid. The previous pandemics took months to recover – economically and lifestyle-wise. But now, its all too quick! I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good thing, or are we just pushing the “back to normal” scheme to boost the collapsing economies – I will let you decide that one for yourself.

But anyhow, if you find yourself in the airport with your carry-on, here’s what to expect :

  • Airlines advising passengers to not even come to the airport, if you are running a temperature.
  • But ofcourse they dont take your word for it (lol) and for good reason, temperature screenings at airports will be mandatory. If you are even a little over the nominal temperature, you will be sent back home and denied permission to board.
  • Online check-in only. Download your boarding pass and breeze through the gate with no human-interaction [introvert heaven].
  • Bring lesser luggages, preferably only a carry-on. This is to avoid the process of actually going through the baggage-drop process, and having your bag handled by so many people. Let’s be honest, no-one has the time to wipe down your luggage in the middle of all the hurling and tossing.
  • Mandatory face-masks for the crew. All airlines highly recommend the passengers to wear a face-mask, some have even made it mandatory for a limited time [Brussels Airlines / Lufthansa Group].
  • Contactless payment for on-board snacks. And even the snack menu will contain only pre-packed food and bevergaes. [Damn, I cant imagine flying Ryanair sans the Chicken Tikka Rice. It’s a sad world.]
  • Bid goodbye to the in-flight magazines in the seat pocket, that you just flip through for 5 solid minutes. This recreational activity will no longer be a possibility considering …water>paper. You cant wash this, bro.
  • On-board toilets available only for emergency-use. The crew will have to clean it after every use, so no, you cant just refresh before landing. That’s a lot of trouble to go through.
  • Physical distancing wherever possible. Initially it was forecasted that when flights resume, airline companies will be leaving the middle-seats empty between two passengers. But that will bump up the price of the tickets if the flight is running with a lot of empty seats. But now no company has made that announcement.
  • Passengers to provide details of stay once landing. So contact tracing can be easily enforced, should the situation demand it.

Yada yada yada, I’m ready. When can I fly?

Travelling after covid is definietly rewarding for the soul. Most countries are welcoming tourists mid-June or early July! So, enjoy what’s left of the summer.

Sharu’s Travel Plans have meanwhile gone to die.

I’m positive that there is a huge percentage of people who are dying to get back on the plane when it reopens, I’m clearly not one of them. I absolutely love and desperately miss travelling. I’m in Europe – so not traveling almost seems cruel, but my paranoia overrides my wanderlust – for now.




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