What do people buy/do in their first salary ? I seriously had no clue. I wanted it to be memorable but ! So after many plans getting flopped as only Sunday was off for me and Dad cant make it on Sundays, I miraculously got off on a Saturday this week!  So we decided this is the day we’re going out to that fancy fine dining. I wanted to take my parents out, for the First time ever and I wanted it to be special. I dint ponder over it much. I headed over to zomato and checked in ‘Dine out’ and ‘4/5 star’ in the filter. Out of the listed choices.. i short-listed

  • The Crown – The Residency
  • Mainstreet – The Residency
  • Royal Indianaa – Accord Metropolitan
  • Pergola – Accord Metropolitan

Myself and Mom voted for buffet over à la carte .. So we narrowed down to either Mainstreet or Royal Indianaa. I read reviews that the ambiance of Royal Indianaa was divine and for a peaceful fine dining with my mom and dad, Accord seemed like the apt choice !

Accord Metropolitan, Chennai
Accord Metropolitan, Chennai


Royal Indianaa it is.. !!

Royal Indianaa : The Accord Metropolitan
Royal Indianaa : The Accord Metropolitan


The entrance in itself gave a great southern feel although being positioned straight opposite to the Zodiac Pub on the same floor. We were welcomed well and served with water and pleasant smiles from all the staffs there.  It was very nice. 🙂 As it was buffet, they straight away started with starters ( damn, the way I write *sigh*)  that were served on the table like most hotels. The first was Dhahi Vada which was too cold and sour for my liking. But my dad is a fan of the Dhahi Vada, and he liked it! So, no complaints there. Then came Dhal Shorba – the soup in a glass. It was warm and not heavy. Then came the Panneer and Potato Balls, followed by the classic Panneer tikka.. and then the Potato Cheese Balls… These dishes were good… but I was waiting for my ‘Kozhi Veppudu’ and ‘Gongura Mamsamu’..! Thats when I lost the patience and asked the waiter whether it is Veg or Non-Veg… and he guaranteed me that it is a “Pureee Veg Mam!” – with a smile, of course ! I was totally heart broken and shocked. Not cause I misjudged – the information was misleading !! ZOMATO.COM has updated a menu for ROYAL INDIANAA and it has the non-veg dishes in the menu !! Take a look :

Non-Veg dishes in the Menu on Zomato
Non-Veg dishes in the Menu on Zomato !! 


Even the hotel website just says ‘South Indian’ and ‘North Indian’ – on what basis they made it TOTALLY VEG when it is Indian? They could have atleast mentioned it else where.! But nonetheless we were flooded with Veg starters back to back like Podi Tossed Idlis, Cheese and Chilly Stuff Bhajjis, Banana Fritters, Dhal masala vada ( in the form of cute tiny dosa! ), Baby corn fry, Masala papads, Stuffed Zucchini and more. It almost exhausted my N.V-depression ! My Mom being a pure Veggie, absolutely loved the drastic change of situation and the dishes offered !! Her fav was the Banana Fritters , Potato and Cheese Balls and another Panneer dish. We were also provided with a complimentary drink in the package. The choice can be made between beer/aerated drink/fresh juice… We went for Mango, Cranberry and Pineapple juice each.

Then came the main-course! We were already so full and we couldnt have much. I just tasted the Sabzi Briyani with Aloo Mutter and Gobi Aloo sides, and 1 Naan. The Naan/ Roti / Kaldosa has to be ordered and the chef makes it for you. The dessert spread was equally good with Blackforest Grade cake, Icecreams, Caramel Tart, Carrot cake, Mousse, Mini Gulab Jamuns, Payasam and few more. I dint bother to try as Im not fond of sweets!! Yet blackforest cant be missed and they were yumm as ever! Some other desserts are…


There was live music with people playing Tabla and Violin…and it was all a great lift to the mood. It was over all a nice experience… but the very cautious mention of NOT – NON VEG on the Hotel website is a huge let down.  Also , the wrong menu updated on zomato is a severe mistake.! But this is the sort of food my parents enjoy – so it had a happy ending.! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Twist in the Tale ! : Accord Metropolitan

  1. hahahaha Pure Veg Hotel ah ??? Megaaa Bulb..
    U didnt call them bef leaving..
    ok its doesnt matter Dine out with parents in 1st Salary is Big thing is These Days.. Special Congrts..
    Think i hav to learn many things from u mam.. So Impressiveeeeeeee

    1. Hahaha…Im glad that I impress you 😀 But they have mentioned it on Zomato that it’s non veg. I believed that :/ Crazy people. I wrote them a feedback literally scolding them. Now they write “Pure Veg” everywhere 😉

      Btw why mam and all? 🙂

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