One rainy day (not really) I checked my mail and got really excited about the invite for Urban Tree echoVME Bloggers Meet in Chennai. Okay, confession time. I’ve never really attended a single bloggers meet before this in all my 4-5 years of blogging. Two reasons:

  1. They VERY RARELY happen in Chennai.
  2. I’m not an active member of any bloggers’ group. So I visualized I’d be sitting in a corner jotting down inputs from veteran bloggers on my Notes app. (that can’t be farther from what actually happened!)

But I decided to give it a shot this time. It was held at Hotel Beverly Hills, Kilpauk and was scheduled at 3:30 PM. Ofcourse I was late and I rushed to the venue. But there were people arriving about the same time, so that wasn’t a problem. The registration process was actually just a cross-verification if you were on the invite list and we were requested to pose for the photo-booth with fun props!

urban tree chennai bloggers

urban chennai blogger meet We were given goodie-bags with a badge, merchandise and brochures of Urban Tree’s projects. Then there was a quick-introduction followed by Rapid-Fire round. Once the bloggers got into the groove of things and the mood lightened up in the hall, Sorav Jain the Thinker-In-Chief of echoVME (the Organizers of this wonderful meet) welcomed us with such cheer and stressed the importance of blogger meets and networking with co-bloggers. 🙂

urban tree chennai bloggers

Followed by Sorav’s welcome, we had a blast when Shyam of the Enna da Rascalas fame did a performance. He was utterly ridiculous and we were all in splits!

urban tree chennai bloggers

Shyam : “If you like my performance please blog about it, tweet it, post about it on facebook.

If you don’t like my performance, please do share this on Google+. Thanks!”


Shyam : I decided Engineering is not right for me and dropped out. My mum said, “Ellarum Engineering panraanga. Ne adhu kuda panla. Oorey unna paarthu sirika pogudhu!”

Shyam to his Mum : “Challenge accepted. Im gonna become a stand-up comedian. “

His timing and slang and the effortlessness of it all, pure fun! Thanks Shyam.

After this we had Tambola, a new game that I learned there. It is sheer luck and I did not even get one row right. So yea, that happened :/ 😀

Abhishek Mehta the CEO of Urban Tree (Sponsors of this meet) then came over to give a presentation on his projects and the way this construction industry works. He is a totally uber cool CEO and knows to captivate the entire crowd and make us all actually observe and grasp the features of his projects with such an interactive and efficient way to explain. (which helped us a LOT a little later). I loved his quote..

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.

urban tree chennai bloggers

 Some key points from his presentation:

  • Importance of Green Building
  • Using paints with very less or no amount of lead.
  • Using Sun-Ban glasses from Saint Gobain to control the heat and not the light indoors.
  • Project Oxygen has 1lakh saplings within it’s campus which is a solid 75% compared to all oter gated communities in Chennai.
  • Urban Tree has only delayed to a max of 4 months.
  • They pay if they delay.
  • Abhishek Mehta and his brother personally meet the buyers every quarter till handing out of the apartments.

When I was almost positive, that we were done with this meet – enter ADZAP. We were divided on the basis of our badge colors into four teams named after each of Urban Tree’s projects – Oxygen, Wow, Infinity and Superb.

urban tree chennai bloggers

So we gotta advertise for our project and we had a blast preparing. We were Team Oxygen and while every other team was seriously formulating a skit when all we did was laugh like maniacs and tease every housing ad and compare it how we would enact it. We HAD to decide on a plan of action when the host said “2 more mins to prepare”.We just went with the flow and decided on COMEDY as our genre. Myself and Sharadha were the residents of Oxygen and Carbodioxide respectively and a phone call beween us was our skit. We totally killed it! (Vimala, much love to you x) 😀

urban chennai blogger meet

Ofcourse we won 😀 And Abhishek came over and personally congratulated us. I was so elated when he complimented !

urban chennai blogger meet

The they handed out awards to different bloggers and blogs on the basis of credibility, blog design, quality of content, popularity of blog, popularity of blogger, how beneficial the blog is and SEO factors like page rank, domain authority, page authority, alexa rank and backlinks.

Then we had snacks and coffee, posed and left with such a delightful experience and a memory made. Awesome work echoVME,, you were AMAZING.! Would love it, if we had more such amazing meets in Chennai 🙂

urban tree chennai bloggers


Urban Tree Projects

Infinity (Porur) | Oxygen (Perumbakkam) | Wow (Medavakkam) | Superb (Urapakkam)

Sponsors : Urban Tree

Organizers: echoVME



8 thoughts on “Urban Tree echoVME Chennai Blogger Meet Experience :)

  1. Dear Sharu,

    Many thanks for attending #UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet and Awards. Thanks for writing about it. Good luck for your future endeavors!

    Urban Tree Infrastructures

    1. You are from..? The last Indi meet that happened in Chennai was the AmbiPur one and I missed it (2+ years ago :/)
      As you can see, those props were taken :'( Ofcourse I wanted the Follow my blog / I love blogging one 🙁
      Thanks for reading Leo ! 🙂

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