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This movie was a racy fun entertainer and thoroughly gripping. Loved every second of it. I’m telling this cause I was like, “whoa intermission already?” and then “whoa, it’s over already?!?!”. Aishwarya Dhanush sure knows where and how to cut. The ending was sort of an opening (lol, what?), but I don’t think there’ll be a sequel.

This is a story of a guy with an extra sensory power, who can foresee the future. His friends use this to their benefit in betting and casinos, against his wish. The consequences will be the rest of the movie. Pretty simple story line.

Gautham Karthik‘s acting was effortless and crisp! He looked charming and fierce at the right places. *I find him cute. He laughs like a baby, shrinking his eyes and all lol*  He has to look all brilliant and brave for his role here, and he pulled it off very well. He is a brilliant casting for this movie 🙂

Vivek was OMG hilarious. His timing and counter-comments to Gautham and Sathish was too perfect and the theater was thoroughly enjoying his scenes (which is about 90% of the movie , yeah).

Danielle was such a perfect villain. After seeing him as cruel and heartless, watching him play a casual and joking vilain was refreshing. He was Amazing (yes, with a capital A).

Priya Anand jumped in a couple of songs, swayed her waves, twirled her skirt and got drunk. That’s about it.

Tapsee was a typical head and shoulders ad material. *fan-girling over her amazing tresses*  uhm… extensions?  :O Bossy demanding chic. But tough to think of her as a mathematician. She kicks some major ass and looks stunning here. Nice!

Dhanush was….WOW WOW WOW. Slow claps for our Kokki Kumar. Luxe Cinemas roared even before he appeared on the screen. Even when just the name Kumar was mentioned here and there in the film. I dono since when exactly did Dhanush become a mass entity, but I’m happy 🙂

The editing was slick and the film was technically sound! BGM and Music marks a re-entry for Yuvan which we already knew since the audio launch.

They could have trimmed some scenes in the second half that reduced the pace, but overall it was a fun film and I’m sure you wouldn’t feel dragged or bored. We have a winner yet again. Take a bow, Aishwarya Dhanush! 🙂


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