The Lufthansa commercial with the theme #MoreIndianThanYou think has won the Internet!

So that got me thinking to, how Indian am I? We live in a world where we are too afraid to say any comments that might border on anti-religious or taken and misconstrued as an anti-political statement. But there is a typical Indian mentality (forgive me for the stereo-typing) that is striking. We might fight over everything from IPL teams to our own rivers – but when someone tries to take a dig at India, we’re like ‘Bruhhh, you brought this upon yourself!’ and all hell breaks loose. And I love that!


Love that, when national pride is at stake,nothing is taken so lightly. And that my folks, is an Indian mentality I’d love to stereotype. And my top Come-on India moment would be :

 World  Cup and Indian Cricket Team

Whether you are least bit concerned about cricket, or if follow the different tournaments and players and match-schedules and other key players from different countries – none of it matters when India is playing in the World Cup. The entire atmosphere in the house changes and schedules get adjusted so we could come and get glued to the tele. If only I had an option of work-from-home! I constantly have a tab open with the live feed scores and rush to the cafeteria every now and then, where they project the match on huge screen! Absolutely love the vibes.

One cute personal incident ! 😀 On the night of the World Cup 2011 finals, my family and my nephew’s family were invited to gather in my niece’s house to watch the finals together! It is the most gala family night ever 😀 So we went there, got popcorn, ordered pizzas, secretly stashed party-poppers (just in case 😛 #YayForPositivity) and the entire family sat in-front of the TV to watch the match. All was well and good until India came out to play and then they struggled. We choked. Unanimously. No one was able to see the wickets go down.

So we decided, we were watching it, which is a bad omen and shut the TV down and scrolled mobile phones for updates! 😀 (it gets funnier) 6! 4 !! This works !! We were giving it bad omen just by watching, so simple! lets not watch  – decision of my family with age group ranging between 7 to 45 :/ But that was self-inflicted torture when the entire apartment was screaming and cheering India’s batting. So, we – the family of 11 moved from my niece’s house to my grand-parents house!

Yes. We relocated with all the stash of props and snacks just so we could watch from a different geographical location that may not inflict bad omen to our batsmen! 😀 And after all the hassle and dhik-dhik moments and nail-biting pin-drop silences of the last over, we WON! and whattey fantastic beautiful victory it was !!Almost dead and brought back to life by M.S.Dhoni !! <3 <3 <3  *insert hell-loads of party-poppers and silly strings*

And this beautiful memory was triggered by this ad campaign’s hashtag which aptly suits me and my entire India obsessed family  More Indian Than You Think ! 😉  The commercial in topic below for your viewing pleasure 😉

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