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Just like any other kid, she sprung out of bed on the most special day of the year. . Its Christmas Eve and the season is packed with fun, family, joy and of course snow. She went out to build her snowman and decorated the eyes with tiny black buttons. She spent all day playing and sketching Santa Clause and ugly little socks.

Shopping on the Christmas eve, and getting all the gifts you wish to give your special ones will always be a special part of the day. She comes back home and climbs on the table to overload her already packed Christmas tree with more and more decorative glitter balls and fairies.


Christmas arrives.. The moment she wakes up, she trips over her cat and runs to the tree to unwrap her presents. Her heart swells up in joy and her face illuminates at each gift she receives.

A while later she notices a poor girl of roughly about her age.. Shivering in the cold without enough layer of cloths to keep her warm. She casually goes up to that poor little girl and gives her the new sweater she received and they instantly connect and make snowman together. With button eyes again.

That night, her mom feels extremely delighted at the positive vibe xmas brings to people. And when she was about to leave.. Something gets her attention. ‘Hmm.. That explains a lot‘  her mother thought, looking at her button-less cardigan as she lay asleep.


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